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The island country of Grenada can be found northwest, northeast, and southwest of Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, respectively. The island is made up of the Grenada Island, along with another six smaller islands to the south of the Grenadines. Known as the ‘Island of Spice’ due to its production of nutmeg and mace crops, the country is home to approximately 110,000 Grenadians in a total area of approximately 350 square kilometres. 


Where to go

Before flying out of Grenada, some of the noteworthy places and sights within the country include, but are not limited to, Grenada National Museum, Fort George, St. George’s Market Square, National Cricket Stadium, Bay Gardens, Mount Maitland, Sendall Tunnel, Fort Frederick, Carenage, and House of Parliament, among others. The Grenada National Museum, located within the country’s capital St. George’s, can be found in a building that served as the French barracks from 1704. It was used as a prison until 1880, which later became two separate hotels managed by two different owners. As of 1976, the museum was established sticking to the theme of archaeology as well as history. Among the museum’s collections and displays include ‘Slavery, First Inhabitants, Plantation Economy, Whaling & Fishing Archaeology, and Early Transport & Technology’, with exhibits covering history from the Ciboneys to the colonial period. The museum’s collection also has remnants of pottery finds of the Amerindians, antiquaries from various archaeological excavations, Kalinago, Yoruba, and Arawak artefacts, to name a few. Grenada’s Fort George was built by the French in 1705, and is located by the west of the harbour. The fort is open to the public, although most of the buildings within the area are currently used by the police. When within the fort area, visitors can expect a great view from the battlements. 


Maurice Bishop International Airport operates short-haul and long-haul flights. Among its short-haul destinations include Toronto, Miami, Saint Lucia, New York, Barbados, and Porlamar, in addition to a few. The short-haul destinations can be reached through flights provided by airlines such as Air Canada Rouge, Caribbean Airlines, with seasonal flights via Sunwing Airlines, in addition to American Airlines;

British Airways and Saint Lucia; Caribbean Airlines, JetBlue Airways with seasonal flights via Delta Air Lines; Condor and LIAT; and Conviasa, respectively. These flights can take approximately less than an hour to more than five hours, depending on the destination and flight schedule. Visit New York City in the United States. A melting pot of culture, every nook and cranny of what is fondly referred to as “The Big City” is nothing short of interesting. Check out its landmarks, including its most iconic and most popular, the Statue of Liberty in Lower Manhattan, which stands atop a small island in the harbour. There’s also Wall Street, home of the New York Stock Exchange; One World Trade Center, which succeeds the fallen Twin Towers and is now the tallest skyscraper in both New York and the United States; and of course, the famed Brooklyn Bridge, which links Lower Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn, providing stunning views of both. 


Grenada is served by Maurice Bishop International Airport. The airport operates long-haul flights to and from London, United Kingdom; and Frankfurt, Germany, via Gatwick Airport and Frankfurt Airport, respectively. These destinations can be reached in more or less nine to ten hours, through airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Condor. Visit Frankfurt, the business and financial centre of Germany. Don’t forget to visit its historical attractions, which include Römerberg, the old city centre; Dom, the main cathedral; Eiserner Steg (Iron bridge), the city’s most famous pedestrian bridge; Hauptwache, known as the central hub of the modern city area; and numerous museums, which are concentrated in a district called Museumsufer.  


How to get out

The airport that serves St. George’s, the capital of Grenada, is Maurice Bishop International Airport. Located at 12.004167 latitude and -61.786111 longitude, the airport serves with an asphalt-surfaced runway at approximately 2,700 metres of 9,000 feet in length. It has flights to numerous destinations such as Toronto, Miami, London, New York, Port of Spain, Barbados, Frankfurt, Porlamar, Saint Vincent, and Saint Lucia via airlines like Air Canada Rogue, American Airlines, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Condor, Conviasa, Delta Air Lines, JetBLue Airways, LIAT, Sunwing Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic. The airport also has seasonal flights to Atlanta, New York, and Toronto, through providers such as Delta Air Lines, and Sunwing Airlines.

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