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Hotels in Brisbane

The premier city of the state of Queensland, Brisbane has kept its small-town charm even though it continues to grow. It is a thriving city, with an excellent nightlife, great cuisine, and close access to some of the best coastlines in Australia. Staying in this city is a great way to get to know Australia, through its cultural attractions such as its museums, galleries and theatres, and in exploring the beautiful hinterland that surrounds it.

Where should you stay in Brisbane?

Brisbane has a lot of great neighbourhoods you can stay in, and thanks to its extensive and reliable bus network, it is easy to travel between them.

City Centre

If you like a view, this is a great place to stay, with fancy high rises dominating the CBD staying in hotels here will afford you views of the entire city, especially of the Southbank, and the Storey Bridge. There are serviced apartments or large hotels, all of which give you easy access to the big shopping avenues downtown, and the Southbank where many of the cultural attractions lie.


A little quieter than downtown, but still in the centre of the action, Southbank has a great selection of restaurants, bars, and cafes to explore. Here you can find the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Queensland Maritime Museum, the Queensland Art Gallery and Performing Arts Centre. A bit pricier than the outskirts of town, this area nonetheless has a good variety of accommodation at different budget brackets.

New Farm

A contrasting mix of business hotels and hostels, New Farm manages to cater for both types of travellers. It has more of a local vibe than the other two neighbourhoods, and staying here will give you more of a sense of the ‘real’ Brisbane. It has a great foodie scene, and is a popular part of town to eat and drink during the day and in the evenings.

Paddington and Rosalie

This is a pretty, green part of Brisbane, filled with trendy bars and a number of quirky and individual boutiques. It is both chic and warm, and a favoured part of the city. Visitors can wander through Paddington Antique Centre, or eat in one of the many international restaurants that pack this neighbourhood. You can also stroll the streets of the lovely Rosalie village, which has loads of vintage and antique stores, perfect for an afternoon browsing. You’ll find accommodation mostly comes in the form of luxury bed and breakfasts or self-catered apartments.