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Flying out of China? Check if you’ve made it to the Great Wall first. As the Chinese saying goes, “You’re not a true man until you reach the Great Wall”. Taken literally, that’s over 5,000 kilometres of brick and stone, a feat for both historical builders and modern trackers. China is the third largest country in the world with a population of about 1.35 billion, the highest globally. The North and South regions are where the vast majority of the Chinese population resides while most ethnic minorities are gathered in the Northwest and Qinghai-Tibetan regions.            

China is big, so depending on where you are, you have different sets of attractions to experience in your vicinity before your tour of China is complete:


If you find yourself in Beijing, remember to visit the Forbidden City and Summer Palace for a taste of ancient China. Also, make a trip to the Beijing Zoo to see one of the most diverse collections of animals you can find in the world.


Changchun, which translates directly to “always spring”, is ideal for experiencing the seasons in China as they unfold to produce the most picturesque sights. One can also get busy with the camera at Changchun World Sculpture Park, Film Century City and Puppet Manchurian Palace.


In more rural Guilin, another tourist hotspot, feast your eyes on the wealth of water, cave and hill sceneries that are often claimed to be China’s best. Do this if you haven’t at Lijiang River, Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Trunk Hill.

China’s airports handle a tremendous amount of traffic every day, the bulk of which goes through Beijing Capital International Airport. Besides a cab, you can get to the airport by airport shuttle bus, which serves the downtown area, as well as airport intercity bus, which links up Tianjin City and Qinhuangdao City.

Getting out of China, you may like the following places as your next stop:


Taiwan makes a great destination, especially if you’ve picked up some mandarin in China. Certain festivals and cultural elements are shared between the two, such as the Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn festival and traditional foods. However, Taiwan’s food culture goes far beyond the norm and has earned a reputation for creative and fusion delights that you can find in fancy restaurants and night markets.

South Korea

South Korea is just a three hour flight away from China. It is a highly unique society that shares little culturally with other countries nearby. South Korea is also a leader in Asia’s entertainment industry whose celebrities have gained massive popularity with Asian fans, so look out for relevant media, events and merchandize.


If you want a break from Asia entirely and have the luxury of time on hand, fly over to Kenya. The trip would guarantee an entirely fresh take of breath-taking mountains, waterfalls and wildlife. Masai Mara is Kenya’s wildlife reserve that is largely responsible for much of its tourism. Find striking displays of the animal kingdom there on luscious grasslands and along the Mara River.

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