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Car Hire in Adelaide

Car Hire in Adelaide

This information is correct as of June 2015

Adelaide is a stop that shouldn’t be missed, with destinations and attractions like Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide Botanic Garden, South Australian Museum, and Art Gallery of South Australia, to name a few. The city offers many car rental companies that let you go to and from various destinations to fully experience what Adelaide has to in store.

Where to hire a car in Adelaide

Car rental companies that operate out of Adelaide include well-known companies like Europcar, Thrifty, Hertz, and more. In order to get in touch with these destinations it is best to connect via +61 8 8114 6350 for Europcar; +61 8 8234 3029 for Thrifty; +61 8 8231 2856 for Hertz, in addition to many more. When within Adelaide, one of the possible pick-up and drop-off sites include Adelaide Airport.

What to expect when hiring a car from Adelaide

Going around Adelaide please be reminded that the city has the Adelaide-Glenelg Tram. The tram was already extended before but there have been additional plans to further extend the service to reach Port Adelaide and Semaphore. Additionally, when within Adelaide, going on the road is easier than a lot of the other cities within Australia. The city’s well-defined layout and wide, multi-lane roads enable commuters to get to the city proper from the metropolitan outskirts within 20 minutes, earning Adelaide the name, “twenty-minute city.” Also, the city’s metropolitan area offers a freeway, along with three expressways, namely The South Eastern Freeway, The Southern Expressway, The Port River Expressway, and The Northern Expressway. These roads are colloquially referred to as the freeway, SEXY, PREXY, and NEXY, respectively.

Getting to your destination

Moving around Adelaide and its many surrounding areas, it is best to drive around with the help of these easy to understanding driving directions we have provided below. Get to destinations like Glenelg, Prospect, and Mawson Lakes, to see how these stops are able to fully show Australia’s culture and history.

Working as a well-known beachside suburb, Glenelg offers a lot of attractions and has become widely known because of these. Some of its attractions include: settlements, jetties, and amusement parks, in addition to development areas.

Driving to Glenelg will require going down Grote St to reach City Ring Rte/West Terrace/A21 after 1.3 kilometres or five minutes. After that, go down Anzac Hwy to reach Gordon St in Glenelg, this will take around nine kilometres or 14 minutes. Go on for an additional 800 metres down Gordon St. Drive to get to Jetty Road and reach Glenelg within South Australia after a total time of 20 minutes, with a total covered distance of 11.2 kilometres.

Prospect is located in South Australia and is surrounded by suburbs such as Kilburn, Fitzroy, and Medindie. Among its parks include Memorial Gardens, Barker Garden, Dean Street Park, Percy Street Park, Bradford Park, Saint Helens Park, Wilson Street Park, and Saint Johns Wood Gardens.

To get to Prospect, South Australia, from Adelaide, go down Wakefield St and Bartels Road, to reach City Ring Rte/Dequetteville Terrace/A21 after 2.1 kilometres or five minutes. Next, reach Prospect after going for an additional five kilometres or eight minutes on City Ring Rte/A21. Lastly, reach your destination after going down Kintore Ave for 850 metres or two minutes of additional driving. When going from point A to point B, typical drive will last 14 minutes or 7.9 kilometres.

Mawson Lakes
As a suburb and new residential development, Mawson Lakes had much of its areas previously known as “The Levels.” It is now home to Technology Park Adelaide.

From Adelaide get to Mawson Lakes by driving down Wakefield St and Bartels Road and get to City Ring Rte/Dequetteville Terrace/A21 after five minutes or 2.1 kilometres. In addition, go down national Highway A1 and National Highway A20 for 13.5 kilometres or 20 minutes to reach Mawson Lakes. Approximated total distance is around 16.3 kilometres with the total travel time at around 24 minutes.

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