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Car Hire in Launceston

Car Hire in Launceston

This information is correct as of June 2015

Launceston offers sights and attractions like Tamar Valley, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston City Park, and Cataract Gorge, in addition to many more. When travelling around, one option is by self-driving through the many car rental providers that operate from within and around the city.

Where to hire a car in Launceston

Renting a car from within Launceston, some of the reputable international and local car rental companies that operate from within the city include AutoRent Hertz, Thrifty Car Rental Launceston, Avis Launceston Downtown Car Hire, Budget Car and Truck Rental Launceston, A Total Car Rentals, C.P. & R.J. Mahnken, Europcar Launceston - Car & Van Hire. These providers can be reached via phone at +61 1300 030 222 for AutoRent Hertz; +61 3 6333 0911 for Thrifty; +61 3 6324 1500 for Avis; +61 3 6391 8566 for Budget; +61 3 6334 7378 for A Total Car Rentals; +61 3 6395 4302 for C.P. & R.J. Mahnken; and +61 3 6331 8200 for Europcar.

What to expect when hiring a car from Launceston

Launceston is best explored by car. You can self-drive throughout the city via the services provided by its many car rental operators. The city of Launceston operates with the Midland Highway, the Bass Highway, and the Tasman Highway, among others. The Midland Highway works as the main route to Hobart; Bass Highway to and from Devonport and Burnie; Tasman Highway as an alternative scenic route to Hobart through Scottsdale, the East Coast, the West Tamar Highway, as well as East Tamar Highway. Also, since Launceston city centre is compact, most, if not all, of its main attractions are within walking distance, and are near each other. Please be advised that when driving around Launceston, there are a couple one-way streets around the area, be mindful when driving around.

Getting to your destination

The destinations that should be visited within and around the Launceston area include Devonport, Ulverstone, and Saint Helens, among others. Simple driving instructions have been provided below to get you to your destination efficiently. The directions are best used as quick reference that works together with a great navigation system or a detailed map.

Some of the sights and attractions within Devonport include Home Hill, The Tasmanian Arboretum, Devonport Regional Gallery, Tasmania trail, and Mersey Bluff, among others.

Driving to Devonport from Launceston, drive down A3 to reach National Highway 1 after 800 metres or three minutes. Go down the National Highway 1 and reach Formby Rd in Miandetta. Next, take the Formby Rd exit from National Highway 1 and travel for 98.0 kilometres, or about an hour and a couple minutes. Continue down Formby Rd to reach Best St in Devonport after 1.7 kilometres, or an additional three minutes to reach your destination. Total distance to travel is around 100 kilometres, with approximately an hour and seven minutes of travel time.

Working as a major town towards the northwestern coast of Tasmania, Ulverstone is a town currently being redeveloped for tourism purposes. The town can be found within the municipality of the Central Coast Council, along with Penguin, Turners Beach, Leith, Gawler and surrounds, along with Forth.

When getting to Ulverstone from Launceston, you have to drive down A3 to get to National Highway 1, and then get to Eastland Dr in Ulverstone. Take the exit that will get you to C142/Ulverstone from National Highway 1 and reach Reibey St, in order to get to your destination after a total of 118 kilometres, or approximately an hour and 19 minutes of driving.

Saint Helens
As the largest town towards the northeastern coast of Tasmania, on Georges Bay, Saint Helens, or St Helens, is widely known as the game fishing capital of the island state of Tasmania. Also, when in Saint Helens do not miss their oysters.

Heading to Saint Helens, go up towards the northeast to reach Brisbane St towards Quadrant after 130 metres. Take a right turn towards George St/A3 and drive for 160 metres, then take a right down York St/A3 for an additional 500 metres. One left onto National Highway 1 for 11.5 kilometres and reach the 3rd exit that heads to Hobart, drive for around 43.7 kilometres. Take a left down Esk Hwy and drive for 82.1 kilometres to reach Tasman Hwy/A3 after 26.2 kilometres and reach the destination after a total of 164 kilometres or two hours and six minutes from point of origin.

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