Flights to Egypt

There are few places in the world that command the imagination the way the ancient nation of Egypt does. Born out the Fertile Crescent, Egypt is home to one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, and as such, wears its past proudly. Here you can stand before the monolithic pyramids, walk amongst the buried emperors in the Valley of Kings, and sail down the famous Nile river, gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.

See the cities of Egypt

Explore contemporary Egypt in its capital city of Cairo where visitors can see everything from the intricate beauty of Al-Azhar Mosque, the stunning collection of the Egyptian Museum, the verdant gardens of Al-Azhar Park to the infamous Tahrir Square.

Journey to Alexandria, a cosmopolitan metropolis on the Mediterranean, founded by Alexander the Great, where great thinkers, merchants, and artisans made this town their home. Visit the National Museum of Alexandria where you can learn about the ancient wonders of the city that are now lost to antiquity, such as the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and the Great Library.

Or travel to Luxor, the jumping off point for many of Egypt’s most famed attractions. Where you can roam the ruins of the Luxor Temple or the Colossi of Memnon in a town that has long served as a living record of human history.

From Sharm el-Sheikh to the Sahara

The coastlines of Egypt, particularly along the Red Sea, are among some of the most beautiful in the world. Resorts huddle along the Egyptian seaside, especially at the popular Sharm el-Sheikh, where holidaymakers can enjoy the sunshine on shore, and plunge beneath the surface of the Red Sea’s temperate waters for some spectacular diving.

However, the most famous stretch of sand in Egypt is not on its coast; hop on a camel like Lawrence of Arabia and explore the vast and notorious Sahara Desert, where small oases punctuate the arid region to offer succour to weary travellers. Visit the most famous of these, the Siwa Oasis, thought to have been settled as far back as the 10,000 BC, and is now home to the unique culture of the Berber people.

Sail down the Nile

It is a pastime unique to Egypt to sail down the Nile, and travellers that take a traditional Felucca boat along its languid waters will be able to glimpse both the old world and the new, down this famous vein of Egypt. Chart a boat from the south and sail up through time as you pass Aswan and its Nubian townships, investigate the early city-site ruins of Karnak, explore Thebes and the Valley of the Kings, and finally, stop off and drink tea at the Winter Palace Hotel. End your journey on land, in the north, by standing before the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza, one of the most incredible feats of human engineering the world has ever seen.

Fly to Egypt

If you’re flying from Australasia or Central and South America, chances are you will have at least one stop over before you reach your destination. The major airlines carriers that fly to Egypt are Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Qantas, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, British Airways, Air China, South African Airways and Virgin Australia.

Egypt is a large country and there are a few major international airports that service the most popular regions for tourism. We’ve listed the main ones here, but for more information you can see our full list of airports in Egypt.

North Egypt: Alexandria El Nohza Airport (ALY)

Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Mersa Matruh Airport (MUH)

Northeast Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH)

South Egypt: Aswan International Airport (ASW)

Luxor International Airport (LXR)

When should you go?

The most popular time to visit Egypt is during their cooler months of October through to February, when the weather is perfect for those wanting to pack in as much sightseeing as possible. For beach bums hoping to relax by the Mediterranean Sea, or soak in the sun at Sharm el-Sheikh, the hottest months of June through to August are when the seas are warm, and sunny weather is pretty much guaranteed.

What do you need to know?

Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)

Visa: Most foreign nationals travelling to Egypt will need to apply for a visa in advance of their travel. You must contact your local consulate to apply for a visa to travel to this country. For more information, and for details on consular services, head to the Egyptian immigration website.

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