Flights to Chile

The long and skinny South American nation of Chile is bordered quite naturally by the Andes mountain range that runs all the way down its spine and into the breathtaking plains and peaks of Patagonia. With deserts to the north, lush fjords in the south, dynamic cities, and a gorgeous coastline that runs the length of the country, you cannot afford to miss out on a trip to Chile.


Things to do in Chile


Flying to Chile will most likely mean a stop in its capital, Santiago. This city can be overlooked in favour of the nation’s more beautiful natural attributes, but that is a mistake. Established in the 16th century, Santiago is filled to the brim with important cultural attractions, including several museums, such as the Museum of pre-Colombian Art, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and the excellent National History Museum. Added to that, this city is renowned for its sophisticated dining experiences, and great nightlife.


Then enjoy a little of that Chilean coastline by visiting Valparaiso, a city that has lovely stretches of sand to relax on, as well as boasting cultural attractions you should visit, like the Naval and Maritime Museum. Of course, for a real adventure on the sands, you can fly out to the spectacular and curious Easter Island, where the famed Moai sculptures spike up out of the ground, an iconic global image, and a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Back on the mainland though, there are plenty of attractions to explore. Visit the otherworldly climes of the Valle de la Luna, which looks like a moonscape within the Atacama Desert. In this northern part of the country, you can also visit the Lauca National Park, see its high plains, and the hardy wildlife that has made a home here. Or visit the Andes in spectacular fashion at the Torres del Paine National Park in the southern reaches of Patagonia, where the lakes are coloured a turquoise so bright it looks like a technicolour postcard.


Best time to visit Chile


·         Chile is long and skinny, so the climate from the north to the south can vary pretty dramatically. The summer months of December through to January are great for the coast, when the days can vary from a cool 16°C to a balmy 30°C. It is also popular to visit the Torres del Paine National Park, when the vegetation is lush, and surprisingly, the capital. Though the days can climb to 30°C, prices are low as the residents seek to leave the city for holiday homes.

·         Autumn into winter is when the Lake District and the vineyards of Chile really come into their own. The harvest is in, so you can taste some great wines, and if you didn’t get a chance to see the wild parts of Patagonia, now is your chance, the crowds are low and the temperatures are in the low to mid teens.

·         Spring is perfect for the dry, hot northern regions, as the summers can become impossible in the heat. See this fantastic tundra between the burning heat of 38°C in summer, and the freezing lows of -1°C in winter.


Flights to Chile


·         The Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCL)is by far the biggest and busiest international hub in Chile. Almost all flights from Australia will be directed to this aviation facility. There are smaller airports that will fly you into spots like the fascinating Easter Island (IPC), Concepcion (CCP), Iquique (IQQ) and Arica (ARI), but these will usually fly via Santiago’s Comodoro Airport (SCL) anyway.

·         Direct flights to Santiago leave from Sydney (SYD), a few days a week, but you can find connecting routes via Auckland (AKL) through most of the big cities in Australia.

·         Qantas flies direct routes from Australia to Chile, but you will also find routes with Air Canada, American Airlines and the LATAM Airlines Group.




·         Chilean Peso (CLP).


Visa requirements


·         Australians can enter Chile without applying for a visa prior to arrival, but you will be required to pay a reciprocity fee at the airport or before you leave. For more information on how long you can stay in the country, and the cost of the fee, go to the smart traveller portal, and check out the advice page on Chile, here.


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