Flights from Croatia

Croatia might be a relatively small country, but it has left its mark around the world by giving us the necktie. Yes, the lengthened piece of cloth that is now typically found around the neck of a modern man was first donned by Croatian soldiers 400 years ago.

Today, exploring Croatia will prove to be a full experience for tourists. The country is the proud owner of both urban and natural treasures, with posh hotels and slick bars in the city and pristine wonders of nature on its coast and islands. Croatia is also increasingly popular for local festivals relating to music and the arts, making it a good way to spend the weekends.

Leaving Croatia already? You’ve not fully experienced what Croatia has to offer unless you’ve seen the following:


Dubrovnik looks like a town straight out of a fairytale. Taking a stroll down the old city is a gratifying experience on its own, seeing the walls, fountains and places of worship from ancient times up close. You can also take ferries to nearby islands, such as the Elafiti islands and Mijet to watch nature untouched and stunning sunsets.


Istria is a tourist magnet, due in part to its high degree of accessibility. One can get there from Italy by bus or plane, with many even choosing to take to the road and drive over. But more importantly, Istria has incredible resorts, villages, and towns atop hills .Check out the historic Roman amphitheatre and the town of Hum, one of the world’s smallest at just 20 odd residents.

Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are a connection of 16 waterfalls that flow amidst luscious greenery, a look even more splendid in winter when the trees are glazed with snow. The area is perfect for a time of tranquillity and admiration of Mother Nature, complete with hiking trails for those who seek to make their own way.

Now that you’re ready to bid Croatia goodbye, say hello to the following countries:


A destination that makes perfect sense is Slovenia, as it is a short flight away from Croatia. Slovenia’s natural environment is testament to the country’s beauty, as it is home to some of the most mind-blowing wonders of nature. The Skocjan Caves sends chills down the spines of those who enter, as they stare down into the abyss. Not far away you will locate the Postojna Cave, which coupled with the train ride through it, feels even more thrilling than one of those virtual 3D arcade rides.    


Hungary is another of Croatia’s neighbours, well known for intricate architecture preserved through the ages. The Hungarian Parliament Building, Buda Castle and St. Stephen’s Basilica all look like a page out of history that you wouldn’t want to miss a glimpse of. Then, catch one of the most thought-invoking pieces of art in Shoes on the Danube, which serve to remember the Jews shot dead into the Danube River, leaving only their shoes behind.


Finally, Austria sits just north of Croatia and is also a great place to explore with its rich musical culture and beautiful scenery. Visit the world renowned Vienna State Opera to appreciate the world’s finest music as well as to appreciate the building’s exquisite architecture. Additionally, one should take a walk down the longstanding town of Innsbruck Altstadt to see beautiful medieval buildings set against the Alps.

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