Cheap Flights to Burkina Faso

In all of Africa, there is no country as fabulously named as Burkina Faso. This part of the West Africa lives up to the charm of its name with warm hospitality. It features a variety of attractions that can engage travellers looking for a laidback destination. Beautiful landscapes from the rolling savannahs to the wide plains yield various opportunities for hiking and exploring. The country also has a lively cultural scene starting with the Fespaco, a premier film festival in Africa held in every odd-numbered year.
What to see & do
Travellers will enjoy sightseeing around a wide range of landmarks in Burkina Faso. One can start with the museums such as Musée National where visitors will find displays of masks, ancestral status, and traditional costumes. From here, one can continue on to Musée de la Musique in Ouagadougou where there are collections of a wide range of musical instruments from various regions. This demonstrates the common interest of the Burkinabe over the centuries in composing music or just playing a tune. Such interest can be seen in the number of lively bars in the capital.
Moro-Naba Palace, once the residence of the emperor of the Mossi, makes a nice destination. One can watch here a short Moro-Naba ceremony and then explore the grounds after. Cour Royale is also fascinating to visit with the large compound of sukhalas. One can find here paintings done by the locals with each having a deep meaning.
From here, one can continue on to the Grande Mosquée. Built in 1893, this building is a great example of Sahel mud architecture with its conical towers and wooden sticks on the sides which support the structure. Kibidwé is another place to add to the itinerary due to its cultural importance; one will see here Moslems, farmers, and other people trained in a trade living in various quarters. A tour of this place lets one appreciate the traditional culture of the Burkinabe, which adds to the memorable experiences tourists can have.
After finishing a tour of the cities, it is time to look around various natural landmarks such as the Karfiguéla Waterfalls. One should visit in the rainy season to enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the fierce waters. The area, however, is a pleasing destination in every season. One can then move on the Ruins of Loropeni, which features stone enclosures that make up one of the most beautiful sights in the country. The ancient site here also dates back to 1,000 years, which can interest some tourists who like history.
How to get around within Burkina Faso
For the locals and tourists, buses make the most reliable way to move around the country. Taking the STMB buses are recommended due to better maintenance than what can be seen in other private companies. One will also be pleased to find out that the buses almost regularly operate on a guaranteed seating basis and go on fixed departure times.
How to get there
Travellers who want to visit Burkina Faso can board flights heading for Ouagadougou Airport. Airlines serving here include Air Algérie, Air Burkina, Air Côte d'Ivoire, Air France, Arik Air, ASKY Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Senegal Airlines, Tunisair, Turkish Airlines, and Westair Benin.

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