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A central region of Italy, Le Marche is notable for its fine Adriatic beaches, ancient towns sloping up and down the hill, and high-rise mountain ranges to the likes of Monti Sibillini. Le Marche is a little gem that sparkle a thousand times more, attracting visitors and tourists far and wide. While you may find its capital Ancona bare, you can take a look at its surrounding cities and provinces to see and feel the real taste of Central Italy. Take a look at the Urbino province, a fine university town situated up in the hills, the young and the hip crowd amidst the backdrop of Renaissance art and history. You can also go to the province of Ascoli Piceno, an overlooked destination that speaks of twice the beauty and grandeur of Rome with its gleaming white stone and medieval towers. Travel further and you will find yourself in Macerata province, also home to a number of medieval cities.

What to see & do

Ancona serves as the region’s main hub, both by land and by sea. At the end of the port, you will be greeted by the Arco di Traiano, or Trajan’s Arch, which was erected in 115 BC by Apollodorus of Damascus. It is considered as one of the finest Roman monuments in the region. It stands on a high podium with a wide flight of steps. The arch is relatively made taller so that the bronze figures surmounting it, replicating Trajan, his wife, and his sister, stand as a landmark for ships. Before venturing out to other cities and provinces, do check out the Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche, a top choice of destination among tourists especially in the region. The museum is housed in the 16th century Palazzo Ferretti, and presents a fascinating collection of artefacts from the Palaeolithic period to the Middle Ages. Some of the notable artefacts include Neolithic flint daggers, Attic vases, Celtic gold, and the copy of the famous Pergola bronzes that dates back between 50 and 30 BC.

Head to the southern end of Le Marche and you will reach Ascoli Piceno, a relatively small town that can be practically roamed around by foot. Don’t miss the Piazza del Popolo, the city’s main square and considered the most beautiful in Italy. Just a few strides away, the church of Saint Francisco stands strong, overlooking the main square.

Beyond the Ascoli Piceno, you can also opt to explore the Macerata Province in the Marche Region. While in the province, you can visit the small walled city of Cingoli, which also provides views to the sea from one side and the forest to the other. A number of churches and historic buildings can also be seen here. If you find yourself weary after all the walking and just want to relax for the rest of the day, you can head to Recanati, another town of medieval origin, and order their house specialty cocktails.

How to get around within Le Marche

To explore the region, it is best if you take the train that runs down the coast. Unlike the buses which tend to be infrequent, train coaches are frequently running all day. However, if you are exploring nearby cities, hiring a car would be your best bet.

How to get there

To reach Le Marche, you can opt to drop into the Ancona Falconara Airport, also known as Raffaelo Sanzio Airport in Ancona, located approximately 12km west of the city. The airport is served by airlines such as Alitalia, Blu-express, Lufthansa Regional, and Ryanair, which fly to and from destinations such as Rome-Fiumicino, Tirana, Munic, Charleroi, and London-Stansted.

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