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Measuring just 25km in length and 6km in width, the country of Liechtenstein would pass more as a city, but lo and behold, it braves its neighbours Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, and the world – as an independent nation ruled by a Gothic palace-dwelling monarch. The country is barely larger than Manhattan in the United States, and yet it is at par with the most sought after destinations in the European Union at the time, completely surpassing expectations and considered as a gem in the continent. The country has this theme park aura, taking novelty value a notch higher with its hiking and cycling trails, spectacular views of craggy cliffs, quaint villages, lush green forests, and of course, friendly locals.

Where to go

Being the fourth smallest country in Europe and sixth in the world does not stop Liechtenstein on being the best version of itself. The micro-nation, hailed for its fabulous wine and cheese pairing activities and natural trails, has created a reputation that will put other destinations to shame.

Schloss Vaduz – The Vaduz castle, or the Schloss Vaduz, looms over the capital from the hill above, and although closed to the public, is worth the climb for the spectacular views. The uphill castle has trails down to the end of Egertastrasse. A rare peek inside the castle grounds are allowed during the National Day of Liechtenstein, where magnificent fireworks are shown and the prince invites all 37,132 Liechtensteiners over to his palace for a round of beer or a glass of wine.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein – This museum is a black concrete and basalt cuboid that hosts exhibitions on contemporary art, including originals created by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, and Joseph Beuys. Attached is a cafe cum sushi bar that revives the gallery goers after a full-blast art tour.

Furstensteig – The Furstensteig is known as a rite of passage for nearly every Liechtensteiner. It is the country's most famous nature trail, a 6km hike beginning at the Berggasthaus Gaflei that will bring you atop to a vista of the whole country.

Torkel – Just above the prince's vineyards sits His Majesty's ivy-clad restaurant that gives its visitors a wonderful perspective of the castle above. With wood-lined interiors that are fantastically cosy during the winter, the restaurant serves food from local and seasonal to international cuisine, especially Asian and European fusions.

Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum – This well-designed museum provides a pretty interesting overview of the country's heritage and natural history – from its medieval witch trials to stuffed alpine animal displays, to the first manufacturing of dentures which, by the way, is one of the most prosperous industries in the country (with the country being the biggest producers of dentures in the world).

Wineries and cheese production houses – Scattered in the country especially in the city centre of Vaduz are wine-and-cheese pairing houses which exude class and tastefulness. The country produces some of the best wines that are exquisite, as paired with cheeses that are truly delectable.

From the country of Liechtenstein, short haul destinations will include its immediate neighbouring countries such as Switzerland and Austria, as well as Germany, where it takes its national language. All these three countries have their fair share of beauty and class, as it is in all the other countries in Europe. Visit Gustav Klimt's “The Kiss” and “Danae” in Austria, or attend the Oktoberfest in Bavaria, Germany, or even check on the mountainous terrains of Switzerland.

To explore more outside Liechtenstein and Europe, check out the countries from the far-east. China, Mongolia, Japan, and South Korea provide a rather exotic take on the word 'cultural'. Get to know the said countries and delve on their perspectives as how to live. Expect a different 'monarchy' vibe – palaces here are unique and low-lying, food is relatively cheap and tasty, and sometimes can be strange (in a good way), while the people are vibrant, energetic, and diverse.

How to get out

Currently, the country of Liechtenstein has no airport for commercial service, only a single heliport, and the nearest major airport is the Zurich Airport that can be found in Switzerland. From Liechtenstein, a train or a postal bus can be taken to get to the cities of Buchs and Sargans, and in turn, another train ride to the said airport. Other international airports near the country are the St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport in Switzerland and Friedrichshafen Airport in Germany, which handle a few scheduled flights out of Europe.

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