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Although one many think of Andorra as only a small piece of land between France and Spain, there is more to it than meets the eye. For starters, it is well known for skiing and shopping, low taxes, modern amenities, and scenic nature spots. These features, including its strategic location in Western Europe, make it a major tourist attraction for those who want to go on a getaway.

Andorra, a country of the Pyrenees, is a nature lover's destination. It is almost completely made up of forest and greenery, with capital Andorra la Vella as its only town. Hiking is recommended, as it is arguably the best way to appreciate the breathtaking natural scenery. Paths cross the mountain and will take a group to various locales from mountain huts to lakes. These huts are open all year round to provide accommodations for tired travellers who want to rest before exploring the rest of the territory.

There are many nature parks in the country as well. One of them is Valles del Comapedrosa Commune. This protected area is not only the site where the highest mountain in Andorra can be found; it is also rich in flora and fauna. The Alpine violet and the pallaresa lizard are just two of the representative species to be found here. Sorteny Valley Nature Park is also a veritable treasure to explore due to its great number of routes for almost any hiker. There are various levels of difficulty, which lets one choose an easy or hard route.

For short haul destinations from Andorra, there is a choice of Italy or Greece. Other than Rome, Milan, and Verona, tourists can go on the gastronomic feasts offered in many trattorias or informal eateries. A foray to a famous ristorante can also be one of the options. Whatever the decision, one will often find the dishes delightful due to the richness of flavour and the presentation involved in the preparation of each meal.

Greece is also a potential choice due to its historical and cultural legacy. Athens is there with the ruins of Parthenon and other treasures of the Acropolis. Its coastlines are also burgeoning with the number of resorts available, which offers lots of opportunities for tourists to enjoy the sun and indulge in water activities. The food is also excellent due to its simplicity. Greek meals are also some of the healthiest cuisines to eat, which makes them a good choice for those who want to watch their diet.

For adventures across the world, one of the countries to think about going to is Uzbekistan. Its capital, Tashkent, is well known for being one of the favourite stopping places  for the caravans in the Silk Road from China to Europe. Mosques and other representative structures of the Muslim civilisation can be found here, which makes it a go-to place for architectural treasures. A visit to the Savisky Museum will also let one see some of the noteworthy art collections in former Soviet Union territories. Another landmark to find is the Ilkhom Theatre, which shows various performances spoken in Russian with English subtitles often given for tourists.

Travellers leaving Andorra will have to get out of the country by road. One can either choose to go to France or Spain to go overseas. For those going to France, the most likely airport for a departure is the Charles de Gaulle International Airport. International flights going to various continents can be found here, which can make a trip convenient.

Those who prefer Spain, on the other hand, can take the route to Barajas Airport in Madrid. The biggest airlines in the world also land and take off from here, making it a useful option to consider.

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