Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

Car Hire in Lima

Car Hire in Lima

This information is correct as of August 2015.

Foggy and seeming to rise above a long coastline of crumbling cliffs, Lima shares to the world an old and rich heritage. Stately museums can be found here displaying different types of artefacts, while galleries feature a number of interesting contemporary art. You will also find here modern entertainment in the form of nightclubs and bars. Restaurants offering Peruvian fare can also be enjoyed here, leading to a wonderful gastronomic experience.

Where to hire a car in Lima

When going to Lima, various modes of transportation can be chosen to get to your destination in the city or the surrounding area. Car rentals can be convenient, especially if you have a lot of baggage or prefer to go around in a semi-private manner. Several companies offer their services, from well-known international brands such as Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, and Sixt. Local operators make up the rest of the competition, offering a diverse range of possible selections to choose from. To find out which company to transact with, you should negotiate with them before going on your journey. This would make it easier to secure a particular car for your upcoming trip.

The main requirements when renting a car in Lima is that you should be at least 23 to 25 years old. Your licence should also be valid in the duration of your trip and must be partnered with an International Driving Licence for tourists. The passport and a credit card should also be presented, as well as insurance. You should make sure to clarify everything with your provider, though, so you can make the transaction relatively manageable.

What to expect when hiring a car from Lima

Driving in Lima can be a challenging experience. Many have warned against driving here at all, but then it can be possible as long as you are careful and vigilant on the road, as well as handy with defensive driving techniques. Other than that, traffic jams are regularly experienced here in the peak season, as Lima is one of the possible places where you can arrange for a trip bound for the Machu Picchu. It is best to avoid going to Lima at this time of the year. If you are determined to do so, you will have to take into account the rush hours in the mornings and afternoons to prevent from getting caught up in traffic jams.

Toll roads are present in Peru, as well as in Lima, which makes it easier to plan for possible payments, especially if you are out to explore different parts of the country. Congestion charging is also not applied as a local practice as well, which allows you to save on the money allotted for transportation. One-way systems are also found in the old parts of the city, but you will not find trams here. Bicycles are also a rare sight, with parking slightly difficult to manage due to the volume of traffic.

Getting to your destination

Cajamarquilla, a pre-Columbian site, makes an interesting historic area to visit. It was set up as an adobe city established by the Wari culture. It also lies nearby the Cajamarquilla zinc refinery, almost five kilometres away from the highway. To get here, you will have to get on Panamericana Nte./Via de Evitamiento in Rimac. This route has tolls, with an estimated travel time of around 30 minutes in good travelling conditions.

Chincha Alta, located in the Ica Region, covers an area of nearly 3,000 square kilometres. It has a rich heritage dating from the ninth century. Today, it has a thriving culture with various qualities from African art and music, as well as Afro-Peruvian folk traditions. When going here, get on Via Expresa Paseo de la Republica and then on to Carr. Panamericana Sur/Route 1S. The trip can take about two hours and 40 minutes, depending on the driving conditions.

Pachacamac, around 31 kilometres southeast of the city centre, is another pre-Columbian site to see. This archaeological complex is made up of adobe and stone palaces and temple pyramids. It might not compare with Machu Picchu, but it was once an important Incan site, as well as a major city upon the arrival of the Spaniards. Going here can take around an hour, if you venture to the area via Carr. Panamericana Sur/Route 1S.

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