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Car Hire in Ayacucho

Car Hire in Ayacucho

It can be challenging to find a car for hire in Ayacucho, but Skyscanner can help. This mountain city offers no in-town rental agencies. The nearest city with cars for rent is the ancient Incan city of Cuzco. There is a larger airport there and three car rental companies: Mountain Rent a Car, Cuzco Rent a Car, and Auto Rent Cusco. Because of the rough terrain, 4WD is recommended, but smaller vehicles fit better on the narrow roads. From Cuzco, it is approximately 150 miles to Ayacucho, but the terrain is very steep. Expect to take your time.

Car Hire at Ayacucho Airport

Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport (AYP) is the main airport of Ayacucho. This airport offers a restaurant and a centralised area to exchange currency. There isn't an office for car rental in Ayacucho, specifically. However, it is easy to hire a car in Ayacucho with a driver if you want to explore some of the more remote locations or get dropped off at a trailhead.

In order to get to Ayacucho, you should take Av. Sao Paolo until you reach Route 3S. Following this route will get you to the centre of Ayacucho in about 15 minutes.

Driving in Ayacucho

When you rent a car in Ayacucho, make sure you pay attention to the speed limits. Highways will have a speed limit of around 55 miles per hour. Busier areas in populated towns will have a speed limit of around 30 miles per hour. However, this mountaintop Andean city has narrow roads and no guard rails, so be very careful if you leave the city limits. Farmers will allow their livestock to openly graze on roadsides, so be prepared to find flocks of sheep around remote bends.

Plaza Mayor de Ayacucho is a popular destination to take in this beautiful city. This plaza features a monument of Mariscal Sucre, Huamanga Cathedral, and multiple museums. If you're feeling hungry, nearby restaurants offer stunning views of this plaza. Plaza Mayor de Ayacucho is less than 15 minutes away from this city's main airport.

Obelisco de la Pampa de la Quinua is a historical monument filled with cultural history. There is an amazing street market near this monument. Driving to Obelisco de la Pampa de la Quinua will take about an hour from Ayacucho's main airport. Consider using the extra travel time to explore using a rent a car in Ayacucho.

Parking in Ayacucho

Parking is free throughout Ayacucho. Typically, you can find unofficial parking sections outside of the main part of town. Most visitors who hire a car in Ayacucho or drive here will park their car for the day or weekend and spend the time exploring the city on foot.

Where to Go and What to See in Ayacucho

Once you've selected your car rental in Ayacucho, it's time to see the sights. Luckily, most sights are going to be around one centralised location.

Start your adventure by taking a short drive to Plaza Mayor de Ayacucho. The nearby Ayacucho Cathedral is great for taking in a bit more culture and is located within walking distance of the plaza. Finally, driving a few minutes down 28 deJulio will take you to Mercado de Comida Tipica, a popular shopping centre.

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