Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

Car Hire from Santander Airport

Car Rental at Seve Ballesteros - Santander Airport

This information is correct as of July 2015. All data are retrieved on July 2015.

Where to rent a car at Seve Ballesteros - Santander Airport

Four car rental companies offer their services through the airport, placing their respective representatives and assistance desks to assist travellers for their car rental needs. These desks are located near the arrivals section of the airport, and can easily be accessed upon landing to the facility. These car rental companies include major Hertz, Enterprise, Europcar, and Avis. Most, if not all, of these car rental companies offer competitive pricing schemes and exclusive discounts for online bookings and booking-on-arrival options; some of these companies offer various promotional offers, such as weekly deals and daily offers that will suit the needs and the budget of the traveller. They also offer various types of cars, from easy and economy class cars to executive, hard-to-find cars. Sometimes, they also offer limousine rentals, and other services including additional GPS systems, insurance, and chauffeur services. Contact details for these companies can be accessed through this page. If accessing searching for car rental options through Skyscanner's updated database, travellers may also book for the cheapest flights alongside the car rental bookings. Skyscanner provides the most affordable flight options through the Murcia-San Javier Airport Airport flying with over 100 airlines from a huge number of departure points and cities worldwide.

What to expect when renting a car from Seve Ballesteros - Santander Airport

Normally, car rental companies provide their customers with guidelines on booking, down to vehicle usage. The company customer service representatives will always be there to assist all travellers during the booking process. Most of these companies require travellers to present valid identification documents and cards, along with their passports, their booking, and payment confirmation details before the release of the car, as a form of securities exchange and bond with the company.

Upon approval of the booking/s, travellers are advised to know about the vehicle that they have rented, so that he or she may troubleshoot any issues that may arise when driving on the road. From the vehicle make, to extra tires, and even to the jack to be used when the tire is flat, the traveller should learn how the car works. Further, he or she should avoid renting vehicles that he cannot drive, e.g. bigger vehicles, sports cars, and others to avoid unnecessary incidents to happen. In addition, travellers should be of legal driving age to be allowed to rent the vehicle.

Moreover, travellers should know about the nearest petrol stations from the airport, so that he or she may refuel as needed. A few petrol stations are located along the A8. Most roads near the airport are pretty clear and easy to navigate, however travellers should be careful of unexpected curves and dents on the road. They should drive a bit slowly and carefully, so that the driving experience will be fine.

Driving around Seve Ballesteros - Santander Airport

The nearest city from the airport is Santander, reachable via the S-10/Av. Parayas. The distance is about 6.3 kilometres, and the city can be reached within 10 minutes time. Roads around the centre and the surrounding vicinity are pretty clear, and driving is easy and breezy. There are no problematic sections or heavy traffic surrounding it, although certain areas in the Valdecilla roundabout and Av. De Valdecilla experience moderate traffic situations at certain times of the day. Watch out for the many roundabouts in the area though, and make sure to exit on the correct path to avoid rounding the whole rotunda and going back to the original destination. Upon reaching the city centre, travellers may access various services, including retail shops, parking lots, a hospital, schools, parks, and other facilities. Parking lots can also be accessed from here.

Getting to your destination

A pretty port city that is the capital of the autonomous community and historical region of Cantabria. It is located on the north coast of Spain, near Gijon and Bilbao. Enjoy Santander's beauty and visit the Magdalena Peninsula, the Gran Casino del Sardinero, Bay of Santander, and the Palacio de la Magdalena.

From the airport, a 10-minute ride to Santander can be easily done.

Bilbao's past inspired it to become a better city than ever before. From the slums, it rose from the dead and created beautiful art centres that catapulted it into the European art scene. Within Bilbao, travellers may visit the Museo Guggenheim, Casco Viejo, and the Botxo or the “Hole,” which has matured into a beloved European Art centre.

Bilbao can be reached from the airport via the S-10 towards the A-8 and the Artxanda-Salbe Tunela/Tunel Artxanda-La Salve in Euskadi. Take Exit 14, and then head towards central Bilbao. Tolls are to be expected, and the journey will take an hour and three minutes factoring in traffic.

As a child, we have heard stories about Aragon – with its kingdom and royalty that intermarried and have produced some of the leaders of Spain. Seemingly, the stories are not far from what it is today; it is considered as one of Spain's most surprising regions, apparently due to its 'epic' quality. From its shapely peaks to its deep valleys, quit rivers, forests, stone villages, and small hamlets, it is like a picturesque storybook town that has come to life.

Reach Aragon from the airport by driving through the S-10 from the N-636 going to the AP-68 in Aragon. Take exit 23 from Z-40, and then enter the city.

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