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Air New Zealand Black Friday Sale Australia 2019

Though Black Friday 2019 has come to an end, stay tuned next year for incredible flight deals to destinations all around the globe. At Skyscanner Australia, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding a Black Friday or Cyber Monday flight sale from Air New Zealand.

Tips for finding the best Air New Zealand Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight deals with Skyscanner

  1. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check our main Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight sale page to see if any deals from Air New Zealand are featured.
  2. Flexible travellers should take advantage of our cheapest month search. This search feature highlights the best prices we’ve found to your chosen destination within the past eight days. When you see the results, tick the Air New Zealand box to see their best fares.
  3. If you’ve got solid travel plans for the future, set up a price alert before Black Friday and Cyber Monday begins. This way, when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, you’ll know if the flight you’re buying is a deal or a fare that you grab outside of the sale holiday weekend.
  4. Are you someone who wants to go just about anywhere? Check out our everywhere search. The everywhere search features cheap fares all around the globe. Scan the list of featured countries and cities to see if it’s a route served by Air New Zealand.
  5. Accept that you might have overnight or flights that depart very early. Many travellers are expecting Air New Zealand to have worthwhile deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The best flights often get purchased by those with a fast internet connection and their credit cards numbers memorised.

Air New Zealand Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals: What to expect

How can I get the best Air New Zealand Black Friday flight deals?

Air New Zealand often advertises their Black Friday sale features a few days prior to Black Friday. Keep in mind that Air New Zealand, being based in New Zealand, may release their specials a few hours ahead of Australia.

They also will likely only release a set number of seats. In previous years, seats have sold out in minutes. You’ll need to act fast and note that you haven’t gotten the deal until payment is complete.

What Air New Zealand Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are likely to be offered?

Air New Zealand has already leaked a handful of deals. Though it won’t be coming from Australia, one deal that travellers have been talking about are £179 return fares from London to Los Angeles. Here in Australia, we’re crossing our fingers to similar long-haul scores. If you’re thinking of travelling to the USA or New Zealand, look out for cheap Air New Zealand specials.

How does the Air New Zealand Black Friday sale compare to other airlines?

Air New Zealand has already mentioned that there will be Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials during the weekend of sales, which is refreshing information compared to other airlines who have yet to reveal whether or not they’ll be participating in a sale. Check for deals to Hawaii, California, the Cook Islands, and of course, New Zealand.

What about Air New Zealand flight sales for Cyber Monday?

In the past, Air New Zealand has stretched their deals from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. We’re unsure if different sales will be released each day, or if there are a set number of seats to be sold within this timeframe.

Top Destinations for Air New Zealand Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

No matter if you’re looking to travel to New Zeland or setting your sights on destinations further afield, Air New Zealand can likely take you there. Air New Zealand is a top airline connecting New Zealand and Australia with South America, Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific. It is a 4-Star Airline according to Skytrax, renowned for its creative safety videos that highlight the best of its flagship country, New Zealand.

New Zealand

Is it any wonder that the namesake airline will likely have fares on sale to and around its home country? Now’s the time to see surreal sights like Rotorua, the Molokai Boulders, and trek to the top of the island nation’s many peaks.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s time to tango in Argentina. Air New Zealand offers flights to the home of this iconic dance.

Papeete, French Polynesia

Delicious food, stunning and dramatic scenery, and beaches you’ll have to see to believe. French Polynesia is where those who want to adventure all day can do so while those who’ve come to relax will feel at home sipping a cocktail on the sand.

Los Angeles, California

See the City of Stars with flights to Los Angeles where you can venture along the boardwalk in Santa Monica, search for your favourite Hollywood character along the Walk of Fame, and enjoy dining at some of the USA’s most innovative restaurants.

Seoul, South Korea

Kick it in the K-Pop capital. Air New Zealand will be taking travellers to Seoul from late November 2019 onwards. What better time to see the chic and modern city than on one of its first flights?

How to book Air New Zealand Black Friday flight deals on Skyscanner

When searching for flights on, you can filter results to include Air New Zealand results on our website and on our Skyscanner app.

How to search for Air New Zealand Black Friday flight deals on the Skyscanner website

  1. Search for your desired travel destination and travel dates. Then, scroll down the results screen.
  2. On the left side of the screen, you will find search result filters. Go to the one called ‘Airlines.’
  3. Under ‘Airlines,’ click ‘clear all’ and select Air New Zealand as the desired carrier.

How to search for Air New Zealand Black Friday flight deals on the Skyscanner App

  1. Click on the ‘Flights’ tab. Type in your travel route and dates of travel in the search boxes.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon to begin your flight search.
  3. Once the flight deals have loaded, select the ‘Sort & Filter’ section on the top right side of the screen.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom section marked ‘Airlines’ and tap on ‘Airlines All’.
  5. Tap ‘None’ at the bottom to de-select all airlines, and then click the box next to Air New Zealand. Then, click ‘Ok.’
  6. Swipe right from the ‘Sort & Filter’ section and only Air New Zealand flights will appear in your new flight search.