Cheap Flights to Niger

You could say that Niger is the most popular choice of destination in the Sahel region of Africa. A country of rich history and heritage despite it being mostly desert plains and dunes, Niger offers stunning natural beauty, albeit recent turmoil that shaped the nation into what it is today. The Tuareg Rebellion and the famine may have dampened the nation’s spirit, but its people, mainly Muslim, remains friendly and warm. In the capital Niamey, you can make your quick escape going to the Island Campement of Boubon a short and meaningful one. You can opt to dine in or stay put for one night. Further away from Niamey, you can reach the river-side town of Ayorou, and bask in the goodness of its laid-back Sunday market, which features rare selection of goods that cannot be found anywhere in the country. The Sultan’s Palace in Zinder is also one of the top choices to visit. Wherever you go in Niger, just make sure to keep out of harm’s way and avoid cities that are off limits; the security situation hasn’t stabilised yet.

What to see & do

In Niamey, you should not miss visiting the Musée National du Niger, one of West Africa’s standouts. Its numerous themed pavilions give visitors a sneak peek into the country’s present and past bearings. You could educate yourself in the Pablo Toucet pavilion, which displays Niger’s different ethnic groups. Or you could marvel at the 100 million-year-old Sarcosuchus Imperator more commonly known as the Super Croc in the Boubou Hana pavilion. If that doesn’t send you chill down your spine, visit the Palaeontology/Prehistory pavilion, which showcases dinosaur skeletons. After Musée National du Niger, you can head to the Grande Marche, one of West Africa’s diverse and calmest big markets. Here, you can buy a wide array of goods, from wholesale goods to hot, fresh meals. Another notable albeit rowdier part would be Petite Marché, which offers quality products at skyrocketing prices. Never mind the price and the crowd for in this part of the market, what you bought will be worth all the sweat and the squeeze.

From Niamey, you can simply opt to ride a bus and a shuttle on a 206km drive and reach Ayorou. Stay for a night in the only hotel in town that offers panoramic river views. The next day, you can make arrangements with your hotel to take you to a hippo and island tour via a motorised or non-motorised pirogue ride, although the former is highly preferred since it gives you the chance to go to less-visited islands upon request.

Once deemed as the capital of Niger until 1927, Zinder is considered the cultural capital with its colourful laded craft markets that includes pottery and tanning as local specialties, and the remarkable Sultan’s Palace, which is primarily made out of mud brick. Here, a small museum is dedicated for displaying genuine articles about Zinder’s interesting historical bearing.

How to get around within Niger

To navigate the country, your best bet would be to catch a bus. The local government already set up a bus service plying major routes. Interestingly, the large buses are brand new Mercedes, and due to their large size, they can skip over pothole roads which ensures a faster travel time. Equally important would be the safety of the passengers, and it is for this reason that they have a soldier at night, prompting a safe journey. Travelling by car is relatively expensive and dangerous, and because of the high number of cases of banditry, travellers will be forced to pull over after midnight.

How to get there

To reach Niger, you can fly into Niamey’s Diori Hamani International Airport, the remaining international airport in Niger that operates since the escalation of violence in Agadez occurred, prompting officials to close down the airport in said area. The Diori Hamani International Airport is mainly being served by airlines such as Air France, Royal Air Maroc, Turkish Airlines, and Ethiopian Airlines, which fly to destinations such as Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Casablanca, Istanbul, and Addis Ababa.

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