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Sao Tome and Principe, officially known as Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, is an island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, by the western equatorial coast of Central Africa. The Portuguese speaking country consists of two archipelagos around two main islands, Sao Tome and Principe. In addition to Portuguese, the nation also used languages that include variants of Portuguese or Portuguese creoles, such as Forro, Cape Verdean Creole, Angolar, Principense, along with English and French, languages taught in schools. The people of Sao Tome and Principe are called Sao Tomeans, but ethnic groups within the areas also include Mestico, Angolares, Forros, Servicais, Tongas, with the addition of Europeans, as well as Asians.
Sao Tome and Principe weather is mostly tropical. Temperatures within the country remain at 27 degrees Celsius, or 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit, with higher temperatures recorded at 32 degrees Celsius, or 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, while higher altitude areas experience an annual temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius, or 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The territory’s annual precipitation records differ on the south-western slopes and in the northern lowlands with 5,000 millimetres or 196.9 inches of rainfall and 1,000 millimetres or 39.4 inches of rainfall, respectively.
Where to go
Sao Tome and Principe is proud of its natural treasures on top of the territory’s many cultural destinations. Check out the island nation’s beaches, bird watching spots, boat trips, fishing and scuba diving destinations, and whale watching areas. Among the top destinations within the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe include Cascata São Nicolãu, São Sebastião Museum, Illhue das Rolas, Pico de São Tomé, and Praia Jalé. 
Short haul destinations include Luanda, Angola, via Quatro de Fevereiro Airport; Praia, Cape Verde via Nelson Mandela International Airport or Praia International Airport; and Doulala, Cameroon via Doulala International Airport, to name a few. For approximately an hour to five hours give or take, these destinations can be reached from Sao Tome International Airport, the main airport that handles flights to and from Sao Tome and Principe. 
The only long haul flight that flies in and out of Sao Tome International Airport is the Lisbon, Portugal flight by STP Airways operated by EuroAtlantic Airways, the flight takes more than six hours via Lisbon Portela Airport, an international airport in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. To get to other destinations outside of the immediate perimeter of Sao Tome and Principe, it is recommended to fly to Lisbon Portela Airport and from there transfer to other long haul destinations which include, Dubai, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, and Miami, via airlines such as Emirates, Lufthansa, Luxair, and TAP Portugal, in addition to many.
How to get out
The airport that serves Sao Tome and Principe is Sao Tome International Airport located in Sao Tome Island. The airport operates flights to and from destinations such as Libreville, Doulala, Malabo, Port Harcourt, Principe, Lisbon, Luanda, Praia, and Accra, via airlines such as African Aviation, Africa’s Connection STP, Ceiba Intercontinental, Punto Azul, STP Airways operated by EuroAtlantic Airways, TAAG Angola Airlines, and TAP Portugal. 

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