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West Africa has its treasures, which Sierra Leone is a part of. Surrounded by Guinea to the northeast and Liberia to the southeast with the Atlantic Ocean taking the southwest, Sierra Leone features a number of beautiful natural spots. Its coastal area offers some marvellous beaches, where tourists can spend a day or two after exploring the landmarks of the capital, as well as the natural features of the country.

Those going to Sierra Leone will find a rich cultural background, as about 16 ethnic groups live here, each with their own language and customs. The people also practices religious tolerance, with the Muslims making up the majority with an influential Christian minority. The economy is poor, however, with about a third of the population living in poverty. The people also have one of the lowest life expectancy in the world, especially with the Ebola outbreak that struck in 2014. Despite these challenges as of the time of writing, Sierra Leone remains an intriguing country to visit, especially for tourists who want to learn more about it. Those going here must pay heed to medical and safety advisories, as well as arrange for their own security to enjoy the sights fully.

Where to go

Freetown, nestled between the mountains and the sea, makes a charming place to be in, despite its usual bustle. Those going here can go up to the State House up on Tower Hill. It is a fine example of old Krio architecture, from its brightly washed buildings to the window frames. The bastions and lion gate from Fort Thornton is also pleasing to view, making the place a great landmark to add to the list. Those going around museums can also venture to the National Railway Museum. A short tour around restored engines and cars can be intriguing, especially when one takes a look at restored locomotives. There is also the Sierra Leone National Museum to check out, where one can find a collection of various historical artefacts and trinkets, which can give one a hint of the country's colourful history.

Those who want to see more of the countryside can start with the Mount Bintumani (also known as the Loma Mansa), the highest peak of Sierra Leone that rises up to 1,945 metres. The views from this mountaintop can be magnificent to behold, which can make tourists venture to the Loma Mountains Forest Reserve. One can see several species of monkeys here, as well as elephants, bongos, and other fine creatures. One should also set aside enough time to explore Outamba-Kilimi National Park, a beautiful tract of savannah and jungle. A diverse set of wildlife awaits here, from chimpanzees, sooty mangabeys, elephants, and about 260 bird species, to name a few.

Casablanca, more open to Western ways and thinking than its neighbouring cities, is often the place where tourists feel most comfortable in Morocco. It might lack the fascinating traditional structures one will see in other parts of the country, but its prosperity as the commercial centre allows it to maintain fine cultural landmarks. There is the Hassan II Mosque to find in the Medina or Old City, which stands to be the second largest mosque in the world. The prayer hall can accommodate thousands of worshippers with the courtyard (which has a retractable roof) able to take in more. From here, one can find the Cathedral du Sacre Coeur, a structure with a beautiful combination of European and Moroccan style. Although unfortunately neglected and now in dilapidated condition, it still makes a fine sight to behold.

Those venturing south of Casablanca will also find Safi, an important port since the Roman times. When going around here, one can visit the stately Dar el Bahar Fortress on the shore, which was built by the Portuguese. The medina around here is also pleasing to explore, where one can find two landmarks that made Safi a famous ceramic centre – the Pottery Souk and the National Ceramic Museum are the major attractions here to include to the places to visit.

Currently a long-haul destination, Brussels can be a fun destination to visit due to its famous pastries. Although divine, handcrafted chocolates, waffles, and a number of other delightful snacks are only some of the delicacies to look for here. Tourists must also think about tasting or devouring the carbinnades flamandes (a hearty beef casserole seasoned with beer), waterzooi (a creamy fish stew using eggs and butter), and sirop de liege (a sweet, sticky brown jelly made from evaporated fruit juices).

After getting replete with lunch, tourists can stroll around the streets of this European capital to see ancient yet amazing structures such as the Grand Place, the beautiful square in the Old Town that also serves as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts is also a delight, being a world-class museum, which houses works of art from both ancient and modern times.

How to get out

Those aiming to travel to Sierra Leone might find it difficult to visit at this time. Various international airlines suspended services after the Ebola outbreak, with no news when they would lift the ban, as of the time of writing. Those left to serve tourists going between the two countries are Air Cote d'Ivoire, Brussels Airlines, Gambia Bird, and Royal Air Maroc.

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