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Officially known as the Republic of Honduras, Honduras is the second biggest and second most populous country in all of Central America, covering an area of 112,492 square miles and with a population of over 8 million people, of which 90% are Mestizos. The country is bordered in the Northwest by Guatemala, El Salvador to the South, and Nicaragua to the Southeast. Honduras is known in the international market as a major provider of goods such as coffee, tropical fruit, sugar cane, and other various minerals, as well as its emerging textiles industry.

Where to go

Honduras is known to many as a home for “gangs,” but the truth is, there are many reasons why tourists still love visiting this country. Diving and snorkelling lovers are always drawn to visit the three islands off the north coast of the country - Roatán, Utila and Guanaja, which are collectively known as “Islas de la Bahía.” The people in this town are of mixed ancestry, but English remains as the dominant language with Spanish not being a distant second. If water activities are not your thing, the food in this island is something to indulge in due to the abundance of shrimp, lobster, and other seafood. For people who wish to choose to hover on dry land, a trip down Honduras’ capital of Tegucigalpa or “Tegus,” which is the largest city in the country. Devastated by hurricane “Mitch” back in 1998, this city has yet to recover from the massive flooding but is home to the beautiful parks of La Leona and el Picacho. The Museo para la Identidad Nacional can also be found here and it is known to contain artefacts rich with Honduran history and art. One stop that shouldn’t be missed is a visit to the tropical city of Trujillo, where an expanse of water that has seen the sails of Columbus sits. This is where the Fortaleza Santa Bárbara de Trujillo, a 17th-century Spanish military fortress where conqueror William Walker was executed, could be found.

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How to get out

The busiest and largest airport in Honduras is the Ramon Villeda Morales Airport in San Pedro Sula, followed by the Toncontin Airport in its capital of Tegucigalpa, where at least 11 airlines such as the American Airlines, Aero Carribean, Delta Airlines and the United Airlines, to name a few, offer direct flights to other parts of the US.

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