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The land of extremes called Antarctica holds several titles; it is simultaneously the coldest and the driest continent in the world, as well as the fifth largest, and the one with the highest average elevation. Antarctica is literally the southernmost continent, encompassing the South Pole. Despite this, that doesn't stop scientists and other fearless souls from braving the extreme cold and rough sea crossings to set foot on Antarctica and witness its breathtaking scenery.

Paradise Harbour - Argentina's Almirante Brown Antarctic Base and Chile's González Videla Antarctic Base can be found on the coast of Paradise Harbour, also called Paradise Bay. The bay is one of the two harbours used by cruise ships in the continent, and is arguably the most beautiful place in the whole of the continent.

Meet and Greet with Penguins - Antarctica's most popular tourist attraction is definitely the massive colonies of penguins. There are only six species of penguins found in Antarctica out of the 17 species worldwide, the Adélies, Chinstraps, Emperors, Gentoos, Macaronis, and Rockhoppers. Visitors to the continent who actually set foot on shore are guaranteed to meet these penguins face-to-face. There is a rule that one must remain at least five metres away from the penguins, in order not to disturb them. This means if a penguin is trying to move away from you, even if you're already five metres away, you must stay away. What the rule does allow in terms of being less than five metres away from the penguin is if the penguin, not you, moves closer. This might take a lot of patience, no sudden movements or noise, and a very curious penguin, but it will be worth it!

Zodiac Cruise - Cruising Antarctica on a small, inflatable, rubber motorised float ideal for rocky shallow waters allows visitors to navigate through areas that the larger, regular boats cannot access. Apart from penguins, guests will be able to witness seals lazing around on the beaches, massive icebergs, and stunning landscapes. There are no short haul flights or cruises to and from Antarctica.

All flights and ship cruises to and from Antarctica take at least eight hours. Those who choose to fly in may begin and end their journey in Punta Arenas Airport in southern Chile. On the other hand, the most used departure and arrival port by boat is in Ushuaia, Argentina. There are also transportation options that directly link Antarctica with Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Trips to and from Antarctica typically occur during the daylight season, October to March.

How to get out of Antartica

Though not a commercial destination and therefore no major international airport can be found here, Antarctica has 28 airport landing facilities and helipads on all its 37 Antarctic stations. One departs from Antarctica the same way they arrive, either by plane or by cruise ship, which is the most popular way of getting there. The two harbours used in Antarctica are Paradise Harbour and Neko Harbour. Some of the major landing fields are Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Aerodrome, Williams Field, Pegasus Blue-Ice Runway, Annual Sea-Ice Runway, and Rothera Research Station.

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