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Car Hire in Sao Paulo

Car Hire in Sao Paulo

This information is correct as of July 2015

Sao Paulo, the most populous city in Brazil, is home to tourist attractions like Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Latin America Memorial, Museum of the Portuguese Language, and more. Travel throughout San Paulo and its surrounding areas via the car rental companies that serve from within and around the municipality.

Where to hire a car in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil offers car rental services through its countless providers starting with Alug Rent a Car, Mister Car Rent a Car, DISPOR - Aluguel de Veiculos, and FilCa Locadora de Vans, to name a few. When getting in touch with these companies, +55 11 2244-5566 for Alug; +55 11 2172-0777 for Mister Car; +55 12 3029-2584 for DISPOR. Please be advised that these car rental companies offer a great selection of vehicles starting from sedans to vans, and any in between. It is recommended to contact the providers before hand for any inquiries, bookings, and reservations.

What to expect when hiring a car from Sao Paulo

When getting around Sao Paulo, it is best to expect congestion and heavy traffic due to the fact the personal vehicles remain to be the main means of getting into the city. Some of the highways that serve the area include Rodovia Presidente Dutra/BR-116 or President Dutra Highway, Rodovia Régis Bittencourt/BR-116 or Régis Bittencourt Highway, Rodovia Fernão Dias/BR-381 or Fernão Dias Highway, Rodovia Anchieta/SP-150 or Anchieta Highway, Rodovia dos Imigrantes/SP-150 or Immigrants Highway, Rodovia Castelo Branco/SP-280 or President Castelo Branco Highway, Rodovia Raposo Tavares/SP-270 or Raposo Tavares Highway, Rodovia Anhangüera/SP-330 or Anhanguera Highway, Rodovia dos Bandeirantes/SP-348 or Bandeirantes Highway; and Rodovia Ayrton Senna/SP-70 or Ayrton Senna Highway.

President Dutra Highway connects Sao Paulo to the east and northeast; Régis Bittencourt Highway connects Sao Paulo to the south; Fernão Dias Highway connects to the north; Anchieta Highway and Immigrants Highway both connect to the ocean coast, with the latter mainly used by tourists; President Castelo Branco Highway to the west and northwest; Raposo Tavares Highway to the west; Anhanguera Highway and Bandeirantes Highway to the northwest, with Anhanguera Highway also include the capital city; while Ayrton Senna Highway connects Sao Paulo to the east.

Getting to your destination

Destinations that can be reached from Sao Paulo include Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, and Guarulhos, among others. When driving to these stops please be advised that the driving directions provided below have been simplified to work as a quick reference when needed. The instructions below are best used together with a reliable satellite navigation device, or with a detailed map, if available.

Rio de Janeiro
As the second-largest of all the cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is home to the Christ the Redeemer, Botafogo’s cove, Sugarloaf Mountain, Ipanema, Corcovado, and more.

Drive down Corredor Norte-Sul and Av. Santos Dumont to BR-116 for 11 minutes. From BR-116, get to Viaduto do Gasômetro in Rio de Janeiro then take the exit to Centro/Copacabana from Via Expressa Pres. João Goulart/Linha Vermelha, this will take around four hours and 48 minutes. Lastly, go further down Viaduto do Gasômetro then take Av. Francisco Bicalho and Av. Pres. Vargas to Av. Alm. Barroso for an additional 15 minutes. Please be advised that following this route will get you through partial toll roads. Get to Rio de Janeiro from Sao Paulo within five hours and 22 minutes or 436 kilometres in total.

When in Curitiba, some of its tourist spots include German Woods, Municipal Market, Tingüi Park, Wire Opera House, and Oscar Niemeyer Museum, to name a few.

When driving to Curitiba from Sao Paulo, go down Corredor Norte-Sul/Av. Vinte e Três de Maio, Complexo Viário Ayrton Senna, Acesso Complexo Viário Tribunal de Justiça do Estadual, Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, and R. Dr. Queirós Guimarães, then go down BR-116 to reach Av. Agostinho Leão Junior in Matriz, and take a final right down Av. Agostinho Leão Junior to reach your stop. When following this route, there are partial roads along the way.

Drop by Guarulhos and visit Recanto Municipal da Arvore, Internacional Shopping Guarulhos, and Cinepolis, in addition to many more.

Guarulhos can be reached within a short distance from Sao Paulo, go down Corredor Norte-Sul and Av. Santos Dumont to BR-116 for 4.7 kilometres or 11 minutes. Go further down BR-116 then take Ponte Presidente Dutra and Rod. Pres. Dutra-Pista Lateral to Via Lateral-Norte, then exit via 222 from Rod. Pres. Dutra-Pista Lateral for another 13.1 kilometres or 11 minutes. Lastly, go down Via Lateral-Norte. Drive to Av. Paulo Faccini to reach your destination after 3.9 kilometres or eight minutes. Total travel time is an approximate of 28 minutes, for 21.7 kilometres.

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