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Car Hire in New York

Car Rental in New York

This information is correct as of July 2015.

Where to rent a car in New York

As a major United States city and global super centre, New York is surely a real transportation hub. Apart from efficient public transport systems and quite a number of charter transportation systems, New York has its share of car rental companies that may suit your transportation needs. These car rental companies can usually be found scattered around the central grid of New York, in the Brooklyn area, the Bronx, and near Sheepshead Bay, where there are usually many people. The New York Airport system also caters to travellers who are planning to rent their vehicles from the airport. Some of the car rental companies in the city include Prestige, AAMCAR, Enterprise, Dollar, Thrifty, Korex, Avis, Courier Car Rental, Gotham Super Cars, and many more. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from various types of cars. Some of these car rental companies offer daily, weekly, and monthly competitive rates, promos, package deals, and sometimes, exclusive online deals. Bookings can be done on-site, through their respective online websites (if any), or through conventional trunk lines.

What to expect when renting a car from New York

New York is a mix of a wheel and spoke and grid design, a truly busy metropolitan with a vast web of roads. Some travellers would agree that driving around this city is a no-no, primarily due to the traffic situation and with the presence of reliable transport modes – however, private transportation like car rentals still prove to be reliable especially if you don’t want to get into crowded mass transit and want to explore the city in your own terms.

Be prepared to experience heavy traffic during the morning rush hour between 7:00 in the morning through 9:00 in the morning, through lunch, and through the late afternoon when everyone is rushing out of their offices during the weekdays. Weekends are pretty clear in the mornings, with moderate to heavy traffic sections during the afternoon down to the early evening. Road conditions are at best, although be wary of dark alleys and a few potholes on the roads. Apart from these, also note of bikers and motorcycle riders near the area of Central Park, since some of them weave through the roads along with cars and other vehicles. Pedestrians are not daredevils here, but be sure to stop when the red light hits so as not to create unnecessary trouble. Parking spaces are available almost everywhere.

Getting to your destination

A precious cornucopia of creative energies, bustling bright minds, and good to great food exploits, Manhattan will bring you to a whole new level of travel.

From New York City centre, drive to Manhattan for only about 25-30 minutes via 6th Avenue, via FDR Drive (has tolls), or via NY-9A N and 10th Avenue.

Known as the easternmost and largest in area out of the five boroughs of NYC, Queens is simply a wonder. Check out the global food scenes here, watch some sports, and check out cutting-edge art out of the area. Visit Flushing here too, to see the borough's old Chinatown.

From the city centre, a 40-minute drive to Queens can take place via any of the three routes: I-278 and I-495, I-278 E, or FDR Drive (has tolls). Take note that there are construction zones on all the routes, which may cause delay to your driving.

The most populous among the five boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn play a key role in American culture, particularly literature, cinema, and theatre. Visit Brooklyn Museum, known to house the second largest public art collection in the United States.

From central NYC, Brooklyn can be reached by driving through the Brooklyn Bridge going to Atlantic Avenue.

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