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Car Hire in London

Car Hire in London

This information is correct as of June 2015.

Get around the medium-sized “Forest City” of London in Ontario, Canada in a breeze. Mostly made up of urban parks and woodlands, many travellers find London a treed area in the middle of a cleared land, a city they need to pass through in order to reach the town. As such, travelling to and from London via car rental is a need that should not be taken lightly. For best results, transacting a car rental via Skyscanner is a likely option.

Where to hire a car in London in Ontario, Canada

London in Ontario, Canada is being served by car rental services such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis Car Rental, Hertz, National Car Rental, and Discount Car and Truck Rentals. The first four car rental providers serves London International Airport with offices in downtown Ontario, while the latter car rental, Discount Car and Truck Rentals, the only company car and truck rental company owned and operated by Canadians, can only be found in Hamilton, Ontario.

Areas served by car rentals mostly involve Downtown, Horton & Wellington, Old South, Old North, Masonville, and North London. For places of interest, you can opt to be picked up and dropped off in any of the following: Delta Armouries, Hilton, University Western Ontario, UWO, Via Rail, London Life, One London Place, Greyhound Station, The Grand Theatre, Covent Garden Market, John Labatt Centre, City Hall, Reporting Centre, Kings College, and Western Fair.

Car rental companies offer all types of vehicle fleets, from economy cars to passenger vans, to accommodate the needs of travellers. You may also opt to leave the car at appointed drop-off points or directly surrender it to the nearest company branch, depending on the company’s terms and conditions.

What to expect when hiring a car from London in Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario, Canada is easy to navigate since its streets are based on a scalable grid system, with roads spaced accordingly to accommodate enough flow of traffic and landmarks are easily identifiable. If you are coming from London International Airport, you can reach Oxford Street, a main road in the city which connects you to other destinations. Alongside with Oxford Street, other main east-west arteries also include Dundas Street and Commissioners Road. Meanwhile, running east-west through the southern half of the city are Southdale and Exeter Roads.

Downtown London is a busy district, yet traffic is light to bearable. The easiest way to reach downtown, if you are coming from Toronto from Highway 401 is #186, Wellington Road North. Instead of highways, London is swelled up by two or four-lane roadways that allows maximum driving speed of until 70 km/h. If you are driving in main Highway 401 and Highway 402, an offshoot to the former, expect speed limits to reach 120 km/h. London has also a good network of trains and buses, which plies in various destinations in the city.

Getting to your destination

From London, reaching other nearby destinations aboard your car rental via Highway 401 is fairly easy.

Lots of things can be seen in the multicultural capital of Toronto. As the most populous city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario, Toronto earned the moniker “The New York City of Canada.” You can explore Old Toronto, the soul of this urban city, as your next destination to see all things multicultural. Visit the green district of Scarborough and let the nature of the Rouge Valley put you at ease.

Reachable within a two-hour drive over a 200-kilometre road course, you can traverse Highway 401 and make a right turn upon seeing the Oxford Centre. Continue driving on Highway 403. You will encounter several ongoing roadwork constructions before reaching Toronto. You will be directed right at the entertainment city of Toronto. Take the Bay St. / York St. exit towards Yonge St., and follow signs for York St N until you reached York St and you will find yourself in Downtown Toronto. The highly visited Yonge Street, also known as Highway 11, has enough shopping centres to keep travellers amused. Ample parking space is provided in car parks.

As the major metropolis in the US state of Michigan, Detroit is home to historic buildings, world class museums, and sound of rock music. It is a great destination that combines old world wonders with new entertainment options.

You can reach Detroit by crossing a country border. Continue driving from Highway 401 to Windsor, and continue all the way until you reach Dougal Parkway. Exit towards USA/EU, and continue driving unto Dougal Parkway until you see Highway 3B. You will reach Detroit in just a two-hour drive. A notable thing you have to remember most especially in areas along the River and Lake St. Claire is that main roads are always parallel to water, as well as secondary roads perpendicular to it. If you want to be able to get out of the area, you should take note of this.

St. Mary’s
Straddling between Stratford and London is the quaint nearby town of St. Mary’s. This humble town is home to the only original Grand Trunk Station in Ontario and is declared a National Historic Site. For scenic views, you can head to Riverview Walkway, a paved trail running alongside the river.

From Oxford Street, make a left turn at Highbury Ave N and continue driving. Make a right turn unto Elginfield Road. It is not hard to miss the road since visible signs leading you to St. Mary’s will point you in the right direction. Make a left turn unto Perth Road 123 and follow the road until you reache St. Mary’s. You can opt to stay for a night and relax in this quaint town. Make your reservations at Stone Willow Inn, which offers spacious rooms, free Internet, as well as the option to play golf.

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