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Car Hire in Moscow

Car Hire in Moscow

This information is correct as of July 2015

Drive to Moscow and visit Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Bolshoi Theatre, and Tretyakov Gallery, in addition to many more. Getting to Moscow and seeing the Russian Capital’s numerous treasures can be done through the car rental companies that serve from and around various parts of the city.

Where to hire a car in Moscow

Car rental companies that offer safe car rental services within Moscow are Delta Rent-a-kar, Sky, Avis, Troyka, Art-Servis, Avtoprokat, Elite Rent-a-car, and Аренда Авто, to name a few. Contact the car rental providers at +7 495 505-33-77 for Delta; +7 495 778-76-76 for sky; +7 495 988-62-16 for Avis; +7 495 933-13-33 for Troyka; +7 495 925-75-89 for Art-Servis; +7 915 206-66-64 for Avtoprokat; +7 495 933-21-30 for Elite; and +7 495 995-00-05 for Аренда Авто.

What to expect when hiring a car from Moscow

Moscow roads are busy, with more than approximately 2.6 million cars everyday. Among the roads and freeways that serve the Moscow area include the MKAD, the Third Transport Ring, and the Fourth Transport Ring, which will serve the area in the future. Other than the three roads within the immediate Moscow area, there are other roadway systems that encircle the city.

Getting to your destination

When looking for destinations to drive to from Moscow, travel to Zelenograd, Kaluga, and Tver, in Russia. When driving to these destinations use the directions below as a quick reference when going on a road trip. We have simplified the instructions to get you to your destination as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Also, when referring to the directions, it is best to use a sat-nav, or other navigation devices if available.

Zelenograd houses Zelenograd Exhibition Hall, Zelenograd State Historical Local Lore Museum, Vedogon Theatre, in addition to many more.

Drive to Zelenograd by taking Neglinnaya St, Via Tverskaya and 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya ul. to Leningradsky Ave for 20 minutes, then Leningradskoye Hwy and M11 to Moskovskiy pr. in Зеленоград. Exit from M11 for 28 minutes. Drive down Moskovskiy pr. to Zelenograd for six minutes. The total estimated travel time from point A to point B is around an hour and ten minutes for 49.3 kilometres.

Explore Kaluga and visit Kaluga Holy Trinity Cathedral, The Tsiolkovsky State Museum of Cosmonautics, Kaluga Regional Drama Theater, St. John the Baptist Temple, St. George’s Cathedral, to name a few.

Kaluga can be reached from Moscow by getting on Leninsky Ave from Prechistenskaya nab., Frunzenskaya nab. and Prospekt Vernadskogo District for 18.4 kilometres. Drive from Kiyevskoye sh./E101/M3 to Калужская область, then take the exit toward КАЛУГА/ТУЛА from Kiyevskoye sh./E101/M3 for 157 kilometres. Total travel time is around two hours and 51 minutes for 181 kilometres.

Tver is home to attractions like White Trinity Church, Monument of Afanasiy Nikitin, Monument to Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Krug Monument, and Tver Everyday Life Museum, among others.

Getting to Tver from Moscow will take approximately three hours and five minutes for 175 kilometres. Travel down Neglinnaya St, Via Tverskaya and 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya ul. to Leningradsky Ave for 20 minutes for 9.3 kilometres. Then, follow M11, Leningradskoye Hwy and E105/М10 to Тверская область for close to two hours or 152 kilometres. Lastly, drive down Moskovskoye sh. to Sovetskaya ul. in Тверь for 19 minutes for 14.2 kilometres.

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