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Car Hire from Chambery Airport

Car Hire at Chambery Airport

This information is correct as of August 2015.

The chateau town of Chambery makes a pleasing destination due to its rich nature attractions. It lies at the crossroads of the main Alpine valleys with breath-taking scenery near Lac du Bourget. Two regional parks can also be found in the area, which can make quite the setting for its rich history that was forged by French, Italian, and Savoy rule. Well-known landmarks here include Ville Ancienne, Chateau des Ducs de Savoie, Cathedrale St-Francois de Sales, and the Fontaine des Elephants.

Where to hire a car at Chambery Airport

When handling transport needs from Chambery Airport, you might consider the use of a rental car to get around. Various models can be found in the car rental companies based here, such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Europcar France, Budget, Hertz, Sixt, and Citer. Checking them out beforehand can be possible, with the possibility of discounts for early reservations.

The basic documentary requirements in renting a car in France are a valid driving licence, passport, and at least a third-party insurance coverage. You should also keep a copy of the rental agreement, in case the police ask to see it. Safety equipment such as headlamp converters, a warning triangle, spare bulbs, a high-visibility vest, and GB sticker might also be necessary.

What to expect when hiring a car from Chambery Airport

Chambery Airport is surrounded by D1201, D1201A, D504, and a number of other side routes. They connect to A41 and E70, which can impede the traffic and cause congestion during the rush hours in the mornings and afternoons. You will have to avoid these times of the day or plan your route carefully to reach your destination with enough time to spare. Nearby communities to visit here, other than Chambery, are Aix-les Bains, Annecy, Albertville, Moutiers, Voiron, Romans-sur-Isere, Valence, and many more.

Toll roads and bridges are plenty in France, making it necessary to set aside expenses along the road. Congestion charges are not implemented in Savoie area as of yet, but this can change, depending on the road conditions in the future. One-way systems may also be found in the back routes and old parts of the surrounding area. Cycling lanes are also available in this part of the countryside, which makes it important to pay strict attention to the roads you are driving on. If you need to refuel, you can pass through Esso stations at Avenue du Grand Verger in Chambery or Av Gd Port Rp Hopitaux in Aix-les-Bains. Plenty of other stations are found in the surrounding region, making it convenient.

Driving around Chambery Airport

When out on a drive to the nearest town, you can venture to Chambery, which is accessible via three routes. There is N201, which you can turn to from D1201 to reach the town proper in around 20 minutes. The route along the way can be restricted in some parts, with others including private roads you might not be able to cross. Mapping out your route would be essential, so you do not get lost on this part of the way. Upon reaching your destination, you will likely find a limited number of parking areas. You should have a designated spot ready, so you do not have to look for one at the nearest establishments.

Getting to your destination

Lyon, one of the largest cities in France, features outstanding museums and a dynamic cultural life. Gourmet enthusiasts will also find a lot to get excited about in this part of the country. Some of the attractions to add to the list include the Confluence, where the Rhone and the Saone meet. You will find here several interesting landmarks, such as the bizarre office building Le Cube Orange. Musees Gadagne is also a marvel, which offers excellent displays on silk weaving, cinema, and transportation, as well as an international puppet exhibition.

You can get here from the airport via A43, with tolls to pay along the way and an estimated travel time of an hour and 20 minutes. Parking is widely available, but you need to reserve a spot due to the popularity of the city as a tourist destination.

Grenoble, a centre of scientific research and high-tech industry, is also a city to explore from the airport. Its great museums, such as the Musee de Grenoble, feature a number of fine displays to marvel at. Well-known artists with their 20th century art can be checked out here. You also find in Fort de la Bastille a number of interesting views of natural landmarks such as peaks of the Vercors and the Mont Blanc.

Two routes are available such as A41 and A43 which can take around an hour or so of driving. Parking can be limited here, so be sure to look for parking before you get here.

Valence, one of the several beautiful Rhone Valley towns, should also be part of the itinerary. You will find here the Cathedrale St-Apollinaire, a late 11th century pilgrimage church in ruins. There is also the Maison des Tetes, a structure featuring a blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles from 1530.

Going here can be possible through three routes with the fastest being A43 and A49, with an estimated travel time of an hour and 45 minutes. Parking spaces should be arranged at the best possible accommodations for better safekeeping for your rented car.

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