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What type of trips will Aussies take in 2020?

It seems there’s been a shift in preference for longer trips and taking it easy, with Slow Travel set to be the most popular type of trip (19% share). The Australian travellers’ thirst for adrenaline continues to grow with a 17% increase in adventure travel. Also on the increase is the trend where Aussies opt for holidays to avoid other Aussies. 16% of trips to be taken in 2020 are to destinations with significantly fewer tourists. Looks like JOMO, or the Joy of Missing Out, is set to be the new self-care. Travellers have also indicated that they would like to travel more sustainably in 2020, with a 103% increase in the number of eco-friendly trips to be taken in 2020. 

Slow Travel
Have you ever returned from a holiday feeling tired and in need of another? You’re not alone. Our data shows a 20% YoY increase in Aussie travellers wanting to slow down and prioritise quality over quantity during their 2020 holidays. Originating from the Slow Food Movement, Slow Travel emphasises on connecting with the location, your travel mates and a leisurely way of living. From one week, to once-budget-runs-out, Slow Travel welcomes long walks and unscheduled activities for those who are not in a hurry and want to prioritise rest over sightseeing.
Jomo Trips
If you think it sounds familiar, that might be because you’ve heard of its cousin, FOMO. JOMO, or the ‘Joy Of Missing Out’, is choosing to enjoy your trip instead of worrying about how it looks on social media. The JOMO Traveller is particular about escaping the hustle, opting to travel off-season to alternative destinations to avoid crowds and other Aussie holiday revellers.The ability to explore a place before it gets too popular is probably why JOMO trips are recording a 31% YoY increase among Aussie travellers for 2020.
Local Gastronomy
Who’s hungry? Aussies, it seems. Food-motivated trips are likely to make up 11% of trips in 2020, up 23% from 2019. After all, the quickest way to get to know a place and bond with locals is through food and the Local Gastronomist knows this well. Before travelling to a destination, they would have researched online, watched every foodie show, and asked everyone for recommendations. While they are there, they’d probably chat with local cabbies and service staff with gusto to get their uniquely local picks. From 3-Michelin-star restaurants to street food stalls, the Local Gastronomist isn’t picky with where the best eats are… as long as every bite is worth it. 
Adventure Travel
Who’s ready for a real adventure? Defined as trips that involve some element of risk, special skill with physical exertion or extreme sport, Adventure Travel is growing increasingly popular with adrenaline junkies chasing new experiences in remote or exotic locations. Whether it is climbing up, jumping off or hiking through different terrains, Adventure Travel allow them to push their limits outside of their comfort zones. 16% of trips by Australian travellers in 2020 are slated to be adventure-based, an increase of 17% from such trips taken this year.
Transformative Journeys
Travel truly has the power to change us in so many ways and no one understands this more than the Transformative Traveller. Recording a 44% YoY increase in interest on personal growth and charity-related trips, Australia has the largest share of travellers interested in embarking on a transformative trip in 2020. Whether it’s self-improvement like running a marathon and meditating at a yoga retreat, or helping others like teaching locals a new language, planting trees or helping to build houses for the less fortunate – Transformative Journeys take many forms but they must all have meaning. 

Sustainable Tourism
Travelling sustainably is gaining more awareness, as indicated by a 103% YoY increase in interest for more eco-friendly trips in 2020. The Sustainable Traveller is someone who makes conscious decisions based on how their choices affect the environment: from selecting Greener Choice flights, offsetting carbon emissions, to visiting destinations that are culturally and environmentally responsible. At every destination, they make sure to support local establishments, uphold their own green practises like reducing linen changes and taking public transport, walking and cycling to experience their destination better. They are spearheading a new wave of modern travel.

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A survey to identify travellers trip preferences in 2019 and 2020 was conducted in the seven markets to determine how they travelled in 2019, and trip preferences for 2020: Australia (1,452), South Korea (1,190), India (1,029), Hong Kong (1,007), Japan (1,062), Singapore (715) and Taiwan (1,422).