Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

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Car Rental in Tel Aviv

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The second-largest city of Israel, Tel Aviv, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan area in Israel. It is a sun-drenched strip of coastline where travellers will find various cafes and restaurants. Tourists from various nationalities can be met here, making it a multicultural place to hang out in before or after visiting other parts of Israel. One can also check out several fascinating landmarks, such as the UNESCO-listed Bauhaus-era buildings, which earned Tel Aviv the title of ‘White City’.

Where to rent a car in Tel Aviv

Many major international and local car rental companies have offices in and around Tel Aviv and its surrounding municipalities, making it easier to look for rental cars. Most of these companies are settled within the central circuit of the city, along Road 4, the Ayalon Highway, and in the Givatayin and Ramat Gan areas. Others are located in Petah Tikva Area, running along Route 4, Route 5, and Route 40. Some of the said car hire companies have set up within the Tel Aviv – Ben Gurion International Airport in Route 1, providing travellers easy access to the services upon arrival to the city.

Rental cars available may include economic vehicles, sedans, camper vans, and even trucks, limousines, and the like – all available for differing prices. Booking can be done in advance through online means or via telephone. Some provide quotations, which might allow you to get a better deal and haggle, while others have fixed prices. Travellers may also ask if the car rental company if they might deliver the car/s at the airport or if the pick-up should be done at the car rental office in the city.

Some of the car rental companies that serve the city include Budget, Sixt, Avis, Eldan Car Rental, Tamir Car Rental, Alvar Sales and Rental Cars, among others. Travellers should place any special requirements (on vehicles or vehicle types) that they might have upon reservation, so that it can be arranged by the car hire company in advance. More often than not, the bigger car hire companies may be able to provide a wider range of vehicles, while the smaller ones sometimes offer older models (not all, though – some small car hire companies also offer good to great vehicles that are mostly top of the line, for a price).

There is also a specific car rental company called the “Orthopedic Rehabilitation Accessories”, which can provide rental van/s that are suitable for people with physical disabilities. Note that a valid foreign driver's license is all a traveller needs to be able to drive within the city and the country for up to one year. If they decide to stay longer, they will have to apply for an Israeli driver's license to legitimately drive around the city. Further, an international driver's license is not necessary upon providing a valid foreign driver's license.

What to expect when renting a car from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's main roads include Road 1, Road 2, and Road 5. Road 1 connects Tel Aviv to the Jerusalem and Dead Sea Area; Road 2 connects it to Haifa, while Road 5 connects it to Ariel. Roads here are numbered according to their direction, with every numbered roads running north to south. Low numbers mean that the roads are closer to the south and the west areas of the country, as in the case of Tel Aviv, while odd numbered roads sometimes specifically run from east to west.

Other roads include the Ayalon Highway, Road 4, and Road 20, to name some. Along the said roads, travellers can find interchanges and exits, so always know the correct entry and exit points to avoid getting lost. Road signs are written in English, so travellers can actually make use of them. Be careful of some impatient local drivers, and be sure to be under the speed limit when driving here. Chances of getting caught speeding are high here – so if you do not intend to pay fines or be reprimanded, always stay at least below the limit. A GPS system can be helpful too, so make sure to ask your selected car rental service provider if they can provide a unit.

Getting to your destination

Old Jaffa – located in Haffa, Old Haffa is the reputed point where Jonah, a Biblical character boarded a ship and was later swallowed by a big fish. It is also one of the oldest ports in the world, and is the home to the famous Jaffa Flee Market. Old Jaffa can be reached by taking Arlozorov Street, Retsif Herbert Samuel Street, and Prof. Yehezkel Kaufmann Street to HaPninim from Tel Aviv, and then taking HaTsorfim Street towards the Old City. The journey should only take 13 minutes.

Jerusalem – the largest city in Israel that is considered as a holy city to three major religions, Jerusalem really plays the part of an important metro. It is one of the oldest cities in the world that is dubbed as the “City of Gold”, as it has come to be known in Hebrew. Fascinating, unique, and filled with battling energies of the past and the present, Jerusalem is a real must-see. Visit the Old City here, and take a look at the West and East sections of the city. Jerusalem is about 67.7 kilometres away from Tel Aviv, and can be reached via Route 1 towards HaPalmach Street.

Bethlehem – a small city that is located south of the Old City of Jerusalem, this little town attracts many a pilgrims worldwide due to its importance to several religions that are centred with Jesus Christ. It is also believed as the home town of the great King David, and is the traditional site of the tomb of Rachel, one of wives of Jacob, said to be one of the primary forefathers of Israel. Bethlehem is situated right below the main city of Jerusalem, and can be reached through Route 1 and Route 60.

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