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Car Hire from Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Car Hire at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

This information is correct as of August 2015.

Kuala Lumpur, one of the most colourful cities in Southeast Asia, beckons with its minarets, Mogul domes, and skyscrapers. Inviting wafts coming from colourful streets lined with food stalls also make the city pleasing to visit. Some of the attractions to find here include the Islamic Arts Museum, Petronas Towers, KL Bird Park, and many others. The variety makes up for a lot of possible destinations, making it an exciting place to be.

Where to hire a car at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

When considering modes of transportation, car rentals from the airport can be convenient. You will find several options in the Arrivals Hall. Hertz Car Rental, Avis Car Rental, Kasina Baru, Mayflower Car Rental, Orix Car Rental, and Insas Pacific Rent A Car offer a variety of models that can meet different types of needs and budget. Pantas Rent A Car, on the other hand, can be found in Block D of the car park, which lets you take into account another selection of vehicles for hire.

Driving in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia is possible with an International Driver's Licence for up to 90 days. After this time limit, you will have to apply for a Malaysian licence. If you come from certain countries, such as Germany, Australia, and Singapore, you can convert your licence for a class D licence from Malaysia. To be sure, you can check with the Road Transport Department to determine if you are eligible.

What to expect when hiring a car from Kuala Lumpur Airport

Malaysia has some of the best road systems in Southeast Asia. You will find more than 144,000 kilometres of roadways that are well-linked with neighbouring countries Thailand and Singapore. The popularity of using private cars is immense, though, with many Malaysian countries often possessing more than one car. Clogged roads are a common sight in Kuala Lumpur, which can be especially hard to navigate during rush hours in the morning and afternoon.

Driving in Malaysia is not without tolls all the time. A network of toll roads can be found in different routes going out of the city. You can pay using touch-n-go cards (a type of cash card) available for purchase at toll kiosks along the highway and petrol stations. Congestion charges, on the other hand, are being proposed as possible solutions for the high volume of traffic in Kuala Lumpur's streets. One-way systems can also be found in the old parts of the city and in the surrounding communities. Cycling is not very popular here, which explains the lack of appropriate cycling lanes. If you need to refuel, there are petrol stations you can pass by on your way to the city.

Driving around Kuala Lumpur International Airport

When driving to Kuala Lumpur, you can follow Jalan KLIA 1/Route 182 and Route 32 to Route 29. You can then continue on Route 29 and then take MEX/E20 and Kuala Kumour-Seremban Expressway/E37 to Jalan

Damansara in Tasik Perdana. Going this way can take nearly an hour, with toll expenses along the way. Parking can be difficult to manage, due to the density of cars in the city. This makes it important that you reserve your lodgings with a hotel that additionally offers secure parking spaces.

Getting to your destination

Putrajaya is a place not to be missed. It is the administrative centre of the Malaysian government, located 25 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur. It has a model garden city, featuring a blend of modern and cultural architecture, lush greenery, and carefully cultivated botanical gardens.

If traffic conditions are light when passing through Route 29, you can get here in 35 minutes. Parking can be hard to manage, though, making it necessary to call ahead to reserve a parking spot.

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia
If you want to check out a natural landmark, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) is one of the best places to see in the country. Other than a nature tour amidst the breathtaking landscape, you will also find here the remains of an old Orang Asli settlement. There are four jungle trails to choose from, as well as the Canopy Walk, located 30 metres above the ground, which makes a perfect vantage point to enjoy birdwatching and viewing tropical flora.

You can get here in around an hour, via ELITE/AH2/E6 with a toll road on the way.

Kuala Selangor
Kuala Selangor makes a nice addition to the itinerary due to the fireflies. They fly near the mangrove trees along the banks of the Selangor River near Kampung Kuantan. You can visit here with a boat driving down the Selangor River and watch thousands of fireflies go on their courtship.

To arrive in the area, you will have to pass through ELITE/AH2/E6 and pay tolls in the designated booth. It can take around an hour and a half to arrive here, with parking available in designated areas. It is better if you reserve a particular parking spot, though, away from the throng of tourists.

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