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Car Hire from Esperance Airport

Car Hire from Esperance Airport

Esperance Airport is located in the Golden Outback area of the Western Australia territory. It is a region of vast wilderness, old gold mining towns and some spectacular coastline. In as unpopulated an area as this, the only way to get around is with your own set of wheels. Arriving to Esperance Airport and hiring a car, you’ll have a great starting point for your Western Australian adventure.

Where to hire a car at Esperance Airport

Avis, Budget, Europcar and Jetz all have car hire desks at Esperance Airport. They’re located in the small airport’s arrivals hall and are easy to locate.

Petrol Stations near Esperance Airport

The closest petrol stations to Esperance Airport are located in the town of Esperance itself. The easiest to find is a Caltex Australia Limited garage located just off route 1 on Norseman Road, in the centre of Esperance.

Driving around Esperance Airport

Esperance Airport is accessed by route 1, also known as the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway. It runs south to Esperance city and then west all the way to Perth. Northbound, route 1 reaches Norseman and then heads east towards the border with South Australia.

Driving in the Golden Outback, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. Roads are long and distances between towns are vast. You’ll need to take plenty of breaks on your journey and pack some essential provisions.

A spare canister of petrol, a detailed road map, four to five litres of water per person per day, two spare tyres and the tools you’ll need to change a tyre are all very useful things to carry. If you do end up with car problems, phone service is patchy and you could be stranded for some time before another vehicle comes along.

In the outback, it’s also wise to be alert to animals in the road. Running into a kangaroo, for instance, could injure or kill the animal but also cause serious damage to your car.

Getting to your destination

When you hire a car from Esperance Airport, there are a number of popular destinations within easy reach. Here are just a few of them:


Esperance town sits on Western Australia’s coastline. The Historic Museum Village and Esperance Museum give some insight into the rich history of the town and the area. Visitors can enjoy browsing local farmers’ markets, going fishing along the coast and heading to some spectacular beaches just out of town.

The town of Esperance is just 15 minutes’ drive from Esperance Airport. There is no public transport in the town so you’ll be completely reliant upon your hire car and walking to get around. The town is small and easy to navigate with a number of well-signposted car parks.


Hopetoun lies on the coast, west of Esperance. It’s a peaceful town with beautiful white, sandy beaches and Fitzgerald River National Park within easy reach. Visitors can go to enjoy outdoor activities at the national park, try their hand at off-shore fishing, visit the local seal colonies or seek out secluded beaches up and down the coastline.

Hopetoun is just over two hours’ drive from Esperance Airport, taking route 1 towards Esperance and then west following the coast. The town is very small and easy to navigate with plenty of street parking available.


Norseman is a town lying inland from Esperance Airport. It was once a gold rush town and artefacts from this era can still be seen today. Today it is home to the world’s longest golf course and a good range of accommodation and dining options. Close to the town, visitors will find Nullabar Plains, a vast wilderness where you can go on 4x4 adventures, stay overnight at a working sheep farm or go hiking to discover beautiful vistas of the surrounding landscape.

Norseman is around 1 hour and 50 minutes’ drive from Esperance Airport, taking route 1 north. The small town’s road network is laid out on a grid system so it’s easy to navigate and there are lots of places to park.

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