Flights from Gachsaran

Serving one of the western cities of Iran, Gachsaran Airport brings passengers to visit various sights and landmarks in the county. Travellers looking for this airport can find it using these coordinates: 30.3364 (latitude) and 50.831657 (longitude). Planes landing here will be accommodated by a runway measuring 6,562 feet in length. The airport is also built 2,414 feet above sea level with a traffic pattern altitude of 3,414 feet.

Travellers landing on the airport will see of the nearby heritage landmarks of the country. Gachsaran is also an oil and gas producing city, which invites various people to come and work here. Those going around will have to book tours to get the most out of the trip. This lets one learn more about the place easily, as it can be confusing to go around without an escort. Despite its dark reputation in the Western world, one can find Iranians generally hospitable and eager for tourists to visit their marvellous landmarks.

No airline is reportedly flying here, however, so travellers will need to enquire with Imam Khomeini International Airport to find out the most convenient way to arrive in depart from Gachsaran.

Where to go

Those going around the country will find Iran beautiful, especially when one takes note of the history and heritage of the people. Tehran, the capital, features various sights starting with the Golestan Palace, a complex of many grand structures. A garden, carefully tended to maintain its beauty, can be found in the centre. Some of the fascinating sites here include Negar Khane Art Museum. Travellers going here will see fine displays of art dating back to the Qajar era. There is also the Talar-e Ayaheh Museum, known for being a venue for coronations and royal weddings.

Mashhad, one of the major cities in Iran, features the religious centre of the country. The city pays tribute to Imam Reza, a venerated figure among Shia Muslims. To better appreciate the sights, one must visit Mashhad after the major pilgrim seasons. Tourists can gaze around the beautiful exteriors of religious places like Boq'eh-ye Khajeh Rabi (a mausoleum for an apostle of Prophet Mohammad) or inspect the collections in the Main Museum. For those who want to see the entire city from above, one will need to hike to the top of the rocky hill of Kuh-e Sangi and pass by souvenir shops.

Kish, an island just off the central southern part of the country, also has various attractions waiting for tourists. The Kariz-e-Kish will let one see an old network of wells and underground tunnels that used to supply potable water for the people living in the island. Once tourists finish going around this site, Harireh is the next stop. This ancient city features a complex containing a mosque, bath-house, and other structures.

One of the places to be when going around nearby countries is Bahrain, a low-lying country by the Persian Gulf. This place is well known for its pearl culture, which tourists can buy as pretty souvenirs. Discounts and nonnegotiable prices are both offered; the value for the money is justified well enough, however. Other than the lustrous pearls, tourists interested in the country can visit the National Museum. This beautiful building by the waterfront has various collections from archaeological digs such as agate and carnelian beads and earthenware burial jugs.

Known for being one of the countries with the most bio-diverse environments, Brazil is the destination for those who appreciate nature in its untamed form. The Amazon, from which some of the most exotic species can be found, makes a pleasing adventure spot to visit. There are more sights waiting for hikers such as Chapada dos Guimarães and Monte Roraima. Both landforms are equally fascinating, with the latter featuring some of the oldest geological formations. The coastline is also a sought after for its beautiful beaches. Porto de Galinhas has such clear water that travellers will not get tired of looking at the clear waters.

How to get out

Tourists leaving Gachsaran Airport can look for connecting flights to Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran to visit nearby and faraway locations. Some of the airlines serving here are: Aeroflot, Air Arabia, Alitalia, Azerbaijan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Emirates, Gulf Air, Iran Air, Iraqi Airways, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Mahan Air, Meraj Airlines, Oman Air, Pegasus Airlines, Qatar Airways, Syrian Air, Turkish Airlines, and Zagros Airlines.

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