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Car Hire from Florence Airport

Car Hire at Florence Airport

This information is correct as of June 2015. All data are retrieved on June 2015.

Did you know that Florence Airport is one of the most visited airports in Italy due to its location? Simply being in the place makes you feel the vibe of history, importance, and beauty – which describes the place that it is in. Enjoy the beauty of Florence and other areas from the Florence Airport by driving your way around the destinations on the rental car. Rent them directly through the airport or through the many car hire companies by accessing them through Skyscanner. Skyscanner has an updated database of car hire companies that will provide extremely great service at your price.

Where to hire a car at Florence Airport

Seven car rental companies currently operate out of the Palagio degli Spini, which is the home of rental cars. A free shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes connect the main terminal to the Palagio, giving easy access to travellers who are fetching their rental cars or booking ones upon arrival. Companies that provide services from the airport include Auto Europa (also operating as Dollar and Thrifty rental cars) as operated by Sicily by Car, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Herts, Maggiore, which also operates as National, and Sixt. All bookings may be made in advance through the companies' respective websites or over the phone. Travellers may also book through the airport website. All details can be found here. Cars as rented should be returned at the Palagio degli Spini before departing through the Florence Airport.

What to expect when hiring a car from Florence Airport

The Florence International Airport is conveniently located within the city centre, some 7.1 kilometres away from the nearest city of Florence. It is connected to major roads, including the Viale Alessandro Guidoni, the Viadotto Indiano, and Via delle Bagnese, and to some extent, Viale XI Agosto, Via Antonio Canova, and others. Several sections of roads, especially those near points of interest, are clogged; still, some sections and intersections are clogged due to road works and heavy flow of traffic going in and out of the city. Several roads have their own toll fees to charge too, although travellers may skip traffic and tolls by going on long cuts. Upon entering the city centres near the airport, travellers shall find various garage and parking spaces, where they can place their rental cars without problems.

Driving around Florence Airport

The Florence International Airport is very much near its city of service, Florence, although traffic jams along the main roads such as Viale Alessandro Guidoni can be a pain. Florence is located some 7.1 kilometres away but no less than 30 minutes to cover – quite long for the short distance. To get to Florence, travellers should take Viale Alessandro Guidoni, Via Enrico Forlanini, and Viale Francesco Redi towards Via Guido Monaco and towards Via Luigi Alamanni, finally settling towards Via Vacchereccia towards the Florence city centre. There are many roads, but they are ultimately connected – so this is a non-issue. Upon arrival to the centre, travellers will be welcomed with its grid-like structure and the moderate to heavy traffic at peak hours on most roads. They will also find almost every service – from food to temporary shelter, down to other essentials.

Getting to your destination

A city that is worth hundreds of thousands of descriptions, Florence has been the muse of several artists who are after its beauty and its unique character. Discover its beauty today – which you can see for yourself just a few kilometres from the airport.

From the airport of Florence, head and take Viale Alessandro Guidoni Enrico Forlanini and Viale Francesco Redi towards Via Guido Monaco. After which, continue on to Via Guido Monaco and through Via Luigi Alamanni, Via della Scala, Via della Spada, and Via Porta Rossa to Via Vacchereccia, until you reach the city.

Known as the capital of the province of Prato, Prato is set at the foot of Monte Retaia, the last peak in the Calvana Chain. A historical city that has been based on the textile industry since the beginning of time, Prato serves as home to the Datini archives.

From the airport of Florence, take A11 to Via di Mollaia in Limite, and take the exit toward Bologna/Roma from A11. After which, get on A1/E35, and then continue on to the said road. Take the exit to Calenzano-Sesto Florentino, and then to Via Prato to Via Firenze, and continue to the Via Giacomo Matteoti towards the destination.

An Italian city through and through, Pistoia is a destination off the province of the same name, in the region of Tuscany. It is also the site of the piazza del Duomo, one of the main sights in the region.

Coming through the Florence Airport, head west on the Viale Alessandro Guidoni/Viale Givanni Luder, then follow A11 to Pistoia, Take the exit toward Pistoia Centro from SS64, then take Viale Macalle to Via Sergio Sacconi to reach Pistoia. Pistoia is about 30 kilometres away from the airport, and can be reached in about 22 minutes.

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