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The best (and cheapest) Perth Airport parking options

Parking at the airport has its pros and cons, whether you’re flying from Perth or elsewhere in Australia. While driving is certainly the easiest way to get to your terminal, especially if you’re travelling as a family or with lots of luggage, it can be expensive.

Read on to find out the best, the closest and the cheapest options for parking at Perth Airport.

Perth Airport parking options

Perth Airport is split into two distinct areas, with T1 and T2 10km away from T3 and T4. Terminal 1 is the base for all international flights.

Parking at T1/T2 is split into short term options near each terminal and two long-term lots.

At T3/T4, you again have a short-term lot near the terminals, three long-term options, a regional parking lot a bit further away and the fast track option even closer to the terminal. You can also make use of the valet system which allows you to park right at the terminal, and hired help will take your car to a designated spot while you’re away.

For all long-term parking lots, a shuttle bus is available to get to the terminals.

Perth Airport parking charges

The cost to park at Perth Airport is the same regardless of which terminal you’re flying from, but the various options have different rates. Below are the costs if you drive up and pay on the day. However, you can get cheaper rates by booking online ahead of time.

Short-term parking is free for the first 10 minutes, $14 for the first hour, $51 for the first day and $322 for a week (with additional days $35 each).

Long-term parking costs $28 for the first day, $130 for a week, $215 for 15 days (with additional days $11 each).

Fast track parking, available only at T3/T4, is $66 for the first day, $333 for the first week (with additional days $35 each).

The regional terminal parking, available only at T3/T4, is $14 first hour, the first day is $27 and a week is $104. The eighth day takes it up to $112, and subsequent days are $10 each.

Motorcycle parking costs $5.70 a day.

See the full price list here.

Unofficial Perth Airport parking options

When you go on holiday, parking at the airport isn’t the only option. There are a few car parking lots within easy driving distance of the terminals. Each has a free shuttle included in the price, and other benefits are available for a small fee.

AirportParking4Less: As well as a choice of outdoor or indoor parking, and an on-demand shuttle service, you can also pay for log book servicing or minor repairs while you’re on holiday.

Outdoor parking costs $67.33 for the first day and the next three days are free. A full week costs $84.34 ($123.88 for indoor parking).

The Car Port and Spa: As the name suggests, this option offers a luxurious stay for your vehicle. Let your car enjoy an eco-friendly wash and wax while you jet off for your holiday.

Outdoor parking starts at $50 for two days and $89 for a week ($120 for indoor parking).

Sky Park: Pick between outdoor and covered parking, and take the airport shuttle at a time that suits you. Cars that stay three-days or more get a complimentary wash and vacuum vouchers for their next stay.

If booked online, the first day costs $51 and the first week $134.40 ($194.75 for undercover parking). If you have an Entertainment book, you can save money on your booking.

Information correct as of 20 August 2019. All prices and figures taken from specific parking websites. Please check prices with parking providers before making a booking.

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