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Guide to Sydney Airport parking: cheap and convenient?

It’s no secret that prices at airports are higher than elsewhere in the city. Whether it’s parking, food or coffees, life’s little luxuries all come with an inflated price tag for their captive audience.

For those booking flights from Sydney Airport, parking can make the trip easier. Although the train is certainly cheaper, it’s hardly ideal for a family taking all their luggage for a fortnight in the sun.

To help make the process easier for you, we’ve checked the official and some of the unofficial parking options available for those looking for Sydney Airport parking options.

Official Sydney Airport parking choices

Travellers have seven options for parking at Sydney Airport: five for the domestic terminals and two for the international terminal. As a general rule, the parking lots closest to the terminal are the most expensive, so you can save money by adding a few minutes onto your walk. You can also save money by booking online rather than paying when you arrive at the airport.

Parking for international flights

International passengers can park in two places for international flights: in P7 or in the guaranteed space section. The guaranteed spaces are slightly closer to the terminal (it’s a three-minute walk rather than a five-minute walk) but the main difference is that these spots have to be booked online – if you arrive without a booking you’ll have to go into P7.

The drive-up cost for P7 is $62 per day, but you can save money by booking online. How much you save varies depending on when you book and if there are any deals on, but it’s good to know that this service is available from 12 months prior to your flight.

You can also park at the cheaper Blu Emu car park, however there is no shuttle service to the international terminal. You have to first get to the domestic terminals and then a bus or train from there to the international facility.

Parking for domestic flights

Domestic passengers have more choices when it comes to parking at Sydney Airport. The P1/P2 complex is the closest to the terminal (specifically the guaranteed spaces), followed by P3 and then Blu Emu.

Drive-up rates are $62/day for P1/P2 and $51/day for P3. For Blue Emu, the first day costs $34, six days cost $125 and then each additional day after that is $16. As with international parking, online booking reduces the cost (and is required to get a guaranteed space).

Unofficial Sydney Airport parking options

While parking at Sydney Airport is certainly convenient, there are also companies that offer offsite parking with a free shuttle service to your terminal. These services let you park your car while you’re away, for a much cheaper rate than you’d find at the airport.

While you should always do your own research into a company, a few popular options are:

Park & Fly: A 12-minute ride in the shuttle bus to/from the international terminal. A week-long stay in the undercover parking, without any special deals, is currently available for $180 — roughly the same as three days at the airport.

Park On King: A week-long stay in an outdoor space is currently available for $108 on their website. This includes an on-demand shuttle service, luggage assistance and a 24/7 security service.

Sydney AirPark: 24-hour shuttle service that’s located a short drive away from Sydney Airport. A week here costs $105 for indoor parking or $100 for outdoor parking.

Wilson Parking: Starting at $20/day, Wilson’s parking lot is 10 minutes away from the airport, with a free shuttle service included.

Information correct as of 18 July 2019. All prices and figures taken from specific parking websites. Please check prices with parking providers before making a booking.

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