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Are you suffering from post-holiday blues? 😱

The Easter break is only just behind us, but research has revealed that almost half (43%) of Aussies could already be planning their next holiday.

The study, by leading global travel search engine, Skyscanner Australia, found that one in five (21%) Australian travellers admitted to experiencing “post-holiday blues,” and over 40% of them are using the thought of their next holiday to combat the negative feeling. While one in ten (12%) indulged in guilty pleasures including eating, drinking and retail therapy as a distraction, 20% of respondents chose to distract themselves with work instead.

The after effects of a holiday for Aussie travellers

Of those who experienced negative emotions following a holiday, almost two-thirds (62%) said they were “sad or upset” to return to everyday life. While holidays are meant to help us feel relaxed and refreshed, another 16% said they were “restless” after their time off, while and 13% reported to still feeling “tired”.

Top emotions experienced after returning from a holiday

However, it’s not all doom and gloom as 47% of Australians felt the positive effects of their holiday, claiming that they were “rejuvenated” (25%), “happy” (28%) and “grateful or blessed” (36%) to have a break. 44% of the happy-holiday returners also planned another holiday in hopes of extending the post-holiday good vibes.

How Aussies dealt with their post-holiday emotions

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Skyscanner Australia surveyed 1,003 Aussie travellers online to uncover what and how they felt post-holiday and how they dealt with it.