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Get Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight deals

Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales have become some of the busiest shopping days in Australia. Airlines have come on board too, and the best way to find flight deals is to search for flights with Skyscanner Australia.


Black Friday Sale 2018 has ended, but you can check out more existing deals here.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Thanksgiving Day commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1621.

When is Black Friday 2018?

This year, Black Friday is on November 23.

What are Black Friday sales?

Today, Black Friday is all about deals and sales. The Black Friday sales mark the first day of the Christmas shopping season.

Where does the name Black Friday come from?

Well, the term Black Friday originated in the 19th century, and it refers to the stockmarket crash that happened on Friday, September 24, 1869.

Some people believe the term first began to be applied to shopping in the 1960s, when the Philadelphia police noted that there was a crush of people on the streets and in the shops on the day after Thanksgiving Day.

Others say it marks the first day when shops start turning a big profit, and their balance sheets change from being in ‘the red’ (i.e. making a loss) to being ‘in the black’.

What about Black Friday in Australia?

Why on earth has it caught on in Australia you might ask? Well, it’s a great marketing opportunity, and retailers can shift a lot of stock, so why not?

In Australia, Black Friday sales are getting more and more popular, and you can find Black Friday sales being promoted by shops, airlines, hotels, tour companies and others.

What is Cyber Monday?

The term Cyber Monday was coined in 2005, when a canny website owner in the US came up with the idea to persuade more people to shop online by using a catchy marketing name. It occurs on the Monday after Thanksgiving Day.

Cyber Monday gives smaller online stores a good opportunity to compete with larger high street retailers, but large companies who sell online (including airlines), also offer Cyber Monday sales.

When is Cyber Monday 2018?

This year, Cyber Monday is on November 26.

What about Cyber Monday in Australia?

Businesses who sell things on the Internet, including airlines and hotels, target Australians with Cyber Monday sales even if they are based overseas. Australian businesses who sell online are catching on fast too.

Do Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales only happen on specific dates?

No. While some retailers stick to the exact dates, others have blurred things a bit by making a whole weekend of it. Yet more start their Black Friday sales, or Cyber Monday sales, a week or so earlier, and carry them on after those dates too.

What airlines are offering Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales?

Airlines around the world are offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. These include airlines that service Australia, like Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand.

Popular European low-cost airlines, such as easyJet offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals too.

Search Skyscanner Australia for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

It’s often difficult to find the best deals if you try and search the websites of individual airlines. It will save you a lot of time, and almost certainly a fair bit of money, if you use Skyscanner Australia to search through the millions of flight options out there.

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How to find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the Skyscanner Australia website

Firstly, go to the Skyscanner Australia website. Type in where you want to fly from and where you want to fly to. You can choose to type in a specific date if you want, and Skyscanner Australia will compare millions of flights to get you the best deals to your chosen destination.

Alternatively, click on the search box for where you want to go to and a blue ‘Can’t decide where?’ box will appear. Click on this. The word ‘everywhere’ will appear in the destination box. Then, click on the ‘Depart’ box, and select ‘Whole Month’ from the calendar that appears. Then click on ‘Cheapest Month’.

Now click the green button marked ‘Search flights’. A list of countries will appear alongside the cheapest flight available in the cheapest month.

Choose a country from the list and a list of cities in that country will appear. 

Choose a city and click on a green price tab, and Skyscanner Australia will take you to a calendar. Beneath the dates are prices in red, orange and green. Prices range from the lowest in the month (marked in green) to the highest in the month (marked in red). Click on a price, followed by the ‘Get Prices’ button and our search engine will do all the work to get you the best flight deals.

Find Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals using the Skyscanner Australia App

You can also find Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flight sales by downloading the Skyscanner Australia App and clicking ‘explore’ to find all the best deals from your home airport.

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