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Car Hire from Leipzig Airport

Car Hire from Leipzig Airport

Leipzig is part of the German region of Saxony. It’s a place of beautiful, rolling landscapes, traditional villages and dynamic cities. Leipzig and nearby Halle, have classical music connections going back centuries and throughout the whole region there are plenty of museums in which to explore Saxon history. With car hire from Leipzig Airport, you can make the most of Germany’s excellent road network and discover more of this varied eastern region.

Where to hire a car at Leipzig Airport

There’s a great selection of car hire companies at Leipzig Airport. Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt and Enterprise all have offices on the ground level of Terminal B.

Petrol Stations near Leipzig Airport

When hiring a car if there is a full to full fuel policy in your agreement you will need to refuel it before dropping it off.

There are a number of petrol stations close to Leipzig Airport. If you’re approaching from Grimma on route 14, there’s a Total garage about 10 minutes before you reach the airport. Alternatively, for those driving from Halle or approaching from the E51, there’s an Aral petrol station on route 6, again around 10 minutes from the airport.

Driving around Leipzig Airport

Driving around the region of Saxony is often easy and straightforward. Roads are well-maintained and well-signposted. Drivers should remember that while some sections of German autobahns don’t have speed limits, others do.

From Leipzig Airport, route 14 runs east towards Grimma, with connecting routes to Leipzig, and west towards Halle. The airport also provides easy access to the E51, which southbound heads towards Nuremburg and northbound towards Berlin.

Getting to your destination

Leipzig Airport offers easy car access to a variety of city and countryside locations. Here are just a few of them.

Leipzig is one of the most vibrant cities in eastern Germany. It has been the home of composers Bach, Wagner, Schumann and Mendelssohn and as a result has strong musical connections. Visitors can learn more about the city’s musical history at the Bach Museum or the Musik Museum. The city is also filled with impressive architecture, lively nightlife and live performance venues.

Leipzig city is a 25 minute drive from Leipzig Airport. The quickest route takes you down route 14 before branching off onto route 2.

As with most cities, traffic in Leipzig can get busy and congested, particularly at rush hours. Leipzig city centre is an environmental zone. All cars entering the city centre need to have a sticker showing that their CO2 emissions meet certain criteria. If your hire car doesn’t have this sticker, you’ll need to park outside of the city limits and make use of Leipzig’s efficient public transport system to get to the centre.

Halle was the birthplace of Händel and the town holds a festival in his honour every year. It’s a university town with an eclectic spirit. There’s an opera house and a Beatles museum, a vibrant market square and an art gallery in a gothic castle. In the town and its surroundings there is lots of beautiful parkland and greenery to explore too. Halle is just 20 minutes’ drive from Leipzig Airport, taking route 14 west and then picking up route 6.

Like Leipzig, Halle has a city centre environmental zone. If you’re travelling in a car without the required proof of emissions sticker, you can park on the outskirts and travel to the centre by tram.

Harz National Park
Harz National Park is a mountainous region, home to Germany’s highest peak, Mount Brocken. Legend has it that the mountains used to be home to witches and visitors can take the Witches’ Trail to find out more. There are lots of walking trails, mountain biking routes and even opportunities for skiing in winter months. Rangers are on hand to give guided tours or visitors can hop on the park’s steam railway for a more sedate view of the scenery.

Harz National Park is 90 minutes’ drive from Leipzig Airport taking first route 14 and then route 6. There are a number of car parks around the national park and well-maintained routes which allow you to drive through certain sections.

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