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Car Hire from Dalaman Airport

Car Hire at Dalaman Airport

This information is correct as of July 2015

Drop by Dalaman, Turkey and visit its Sarsala Cove, Sultaniye Hot Springs, Ekincik Cove, Dalam River, and more. The town is served and can be reached with flights via Dalaman Airport. The airport offers car rental through its 24-hour rental services from within its international terminal.

Where to hire a car at Dalaman Airport

The car rental companies that operate from within the arrival hall Dalaman Airport’s International Terminal. Providers like Avis, Europcar, and Garenta, offer reliable and affordable service just go online or call at +90 252 792 51 18 for Avis, +90 252 792 54 14 or +90 252 792 51 17 for Europcar, and +90 252 999 11 25 for Garenta, to book, reserve, or inquire.

What to expect when hiring a car from Dalaman Airport

Please be advised that incoming traffic within Dalaman is on the left, with the driving on the right side of the road. Also, the car rental companies within Dalaman and from Dalaman Airport offer both automatic and manual transmission vehicles, it is best to confirm with the provider or request the preferred vehicle before hand. Always have your local driver’s licence at hand since it is required when driving, along with an International Driver’s Permit or IDP if available, especially if the local licence comes in a language other than the local language of Dalaman, Turkey. It is also possible to secure a licence translation from your respective embassies, if needed. Some of the nearby petrol stations within the Dalaman Airport’s surrounding area include Total, Opet, Petrol Ofisi, Turkuaz Petrol, Shell, Ipragaz Otogaz, Teco, and more.

Driving around Dalaman Airport

Some of the roads and areas to pass through from Dalaman Airport to Dalaman include Dalaman Havaalanı İç Hatlar Giden Yolcu Peronu, Dalaman Havaalanı, Dalaman Havaalanı Çıkışı, and D555, among others. Getting to Dalaman from the airport will take approximately just around eight minutes, covering 6.8 kilometres.

Getting to your destination

There are there destinations that one may opt to visit coming from Dalaman Airport, including Izmir, Antalya, and Denizli. When driving out to these stops, please refer to the simplified driving directions below. Also, please use the instruction provided together with a sat-nav or navigation device, if available.

Izmir offers Izmir Clock Tower, Asansor, Agora of Smyrna, and more. Izmir, as a city can be found towards the western extremity of Anatolia, is considered to be the third most populous of all the cities in Turkey.

Izmir from Dalaman Airport can be reached within three hours and 35 minutes or 304 kilometres. The drive to Izmir has a partial toll road down E87. Drive down D555 to Muğla Fethiye Yolu/D400 in Dalaman for 13 minutes for 11.1 kilometres. Next, for three hour and 21 minutes or 292 kilometres, drive down D400, D550, E87 to Mürselpaşa Blv. In İzmir, just take the exit that goes to Basmane/Şehir Merkezi from D300. Lastly, drive down for another two minutes or 700 metres to get to Mürselpaşa Blv. to 9 Eylül Meydanı in İsmet Kaptan Mahallesi to reach your destination.

Some of the stops to be visited when driving to Antalya include Ataturk’s House Museum, Hıdırlık Tower, Karatay Madrese, and Antalya Toy Museum, among others.

When driving to Antalya from Dalaman Airport, drive down D555 to Muğla Fethiye Yolu/D400 in Kargınkürü Köyü, which will take around 17 minutes. Take a right turn down Muğla Fethiye Yolu/D400 and slight left down Antalya Fethiye Yolu/D350. While still on Antalya Fethiye Yolu/D350/E87, reach Sakarya Blv. in Antalya after an hour and eight minutes, stay on Sakarya Blv. then drive to Mevlana Altgeçidi in Etiler Mahallesi for 12 minutes and get to the destination.

Denizli, Turkey, when visited, offers tourists points of interest such as Laodicea ad Lycum, Hierapolis and Pamukkale World Heritage Sites, and The Seljuq caravanserai Akhan, in addition to many more.

Get to Denizli from Dalaman Airport by driving down D555 to Muğla Fethiye Yolu/D400 in Dalaman for 11.1 kilometres or 13 minutes. Take a left down Muğla Fethiye Yolu/D400 and go down Köyceğiz Ula Yolu to Denizli Muğla Yolu/D330 in Gölcük Köyü for 19.9 kilometres or 25 minutes. Lastly, reach Denizli after following down D330 and D585/E87 for 125 kilometres or an hour and 36 minutes. Total duration is around two hours and 45 minutes for 197 kilometres.

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