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The Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands, also simply called Wallis and Futuna Islands or Wallis and Futuna, is an overseas community of France. It consists of two small archipelagos in Polynesia; the Hoorn Islands group, which consists of Futuna Island and the uninhabited Alofi Island, and the Wallis Islands group, which consists of Wallis Island (also called Uvea) and 15 smaller uninhabited islands. The two main islands are about 250 kilometres apart, and boat transfers between the islands are the way to go if you don't want to fly in. However, the journey is subject to island time and the tides. The capital Mata-Utu is located on Wallis Island. 


Where to go

Alofi Island - Alofi Island is an uninhabited island belonging to Wallis and Futuna. Visit the Loka Cave, which contains a shrine to St. Bernadette. 

Lake Lalolalo - Lake Lalolalo is a volcanic crater lake in Wallis, surrounded by a jungle. It is the largest lake on the island. The lake forms an almost perfect circle, and is said to contain equipment dumped by the US military at the end of World War II. To the northwest of Lake Lalolalo is a smaller lake, Lake Lano.

Talietumu fortress - In Talietumu, between Mu'a and Halolo, are the ruins of a 15th century fortified Tongan settlement called Kolo Nui. The whole fortress is surrounded by a defensive wall of basalt, and there are several entrances. Within those walls are a few preserved buildings and structures.  

Stade de Mata-Utu - The Stade de Mata-Utu, also known as Stade de Kafika, is a multi-use stadium located in Mata-Utu. The stadium is primarily used for football matches and has a seating capacity of 1,500.


There are direct flights from the main international airport serving Wallis and Futuna Islands to New Caledonia and Fiji. When visiting New Caledonia, make sure to check out the small but excellent aquarium, Aquarium des Lagons Nouvelle Caledonie, with exhibitions on the marine life of the archipelago, including turtles, sea snakes, giant clams, and self-lighting flashlight fish. Also worth visiting in New Caledonia is Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre, where tourists can learn more about the indigenous Kanak culture of the nation, and the Amedee Lighthouse, a 184 feet high metal lighthouse with 247 cast iron spiral staircase that visitors can climb for stunning panoramic views of the surrounding sea. Fiji also has a lot to offer, but no one can deny that its best features for tourism are its white sand beaches and soft coral diving. Due to its gorgeous and pristine natural environment, it is also a dream destination for weddings and honeymooners. Visitors can choose from several types of eco tours, from waterfalls to cultural tours, jungle treks, countless water activities, and even spa and wellness treatments. 


There are no direct long haul flights to international destinations from the main airport of Wallis and Futuna Islands 


How to get out

Each of the two major islands has its own respective airport. The airport serving Wallis Island is Hihifo Airport, 5.6 kilometres away from Mata-Utu. It is served by Aircalin, which connects to Nadi International Airport in the Republic of Fiji, and La Tontouta International Airport in New Caledonia. The airport serving Futuna Island, Pointe Vele Airport, only has flights to and from Hihifo Airport.

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