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How to save money (and spend it on a holiday)

If you’re dying for a holiday but don’t know how to save money for it, Skyscanner Australia have a few simple solutions of where you can find those extra dollars and cents.

You can learn how to save money and book a holiday to exotic locations by cutting just one extra indulgence in your life. These are often small expenses that can build up, such as cutting down on delivery services or ousting a cavalcade of streaming services.

Read our travel hacks on how to save and book cheap flights by getting rid of simple everyday spends.

Please note that all flight prices are based on cheapest month searches.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 1: Streamline your streaming services

If you’re paying out for several subscription streaming services, you can save a heap ton by cutting out all of them, or even just a few. On-demand streaming services for Aussies cost an average of $35 per month, which equates to $420 a year.

Destination: Nadi, Fiji
Price of return flights to Fiji: $423

That’s right – Fiji. You can find flights to Fiji for $423 return. Here you can snorkel and dive in the azure waters, go trekking in the lush forests, or sunbathe on the powder-white sands. You don’t need to escape your life by streaming South Pacific if you can actually fly to an Oceanic nation instead.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 2: Pick up instead of ordering in

We may have rejoiced when food delivery services provided us with the ability to order literally anything from the comfort of our couches, but boy oh boy, those deliveries rack up costs fast. The average Australian spends up to $132.50 per month on food delivery which <gulp> comes to $1590 over the year. If only we fired up that hob more often we could be off to…

Destination: Bridgetown, Barbados
Price of return flights to Barbados: $1539

Dialling down the home deliveries can see you dining on fresh caught fish and throwing back sweet rum cocktails on the beaches of Barbados by the year’s end. Spend time on the glorious sands of Carlisle Bay, tour the downtown scene of Bridgetown, see Animal Flower Cave, and spy humpback whales from the dramatic outlook above.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 3: Cut the caffeine

This is a hard one, as who doesn’t love a foam-topped coffee or a cold brew first thing? Around 75% of Australians drink coffee every day, and if we tally up the cost of a daily $4.18 coffee, that equates to a staggering $1521 per year! Guys, we might need to start on those home-brews.

Destination: Zanzibar, Tanzania
Price of return flights to Tanzania: $1302

Forget hipster coffee in Melbourne, you can actually fly to the country responsible for some of the best coffee in the world – Tanzania. Zanzibar is part of an archipelago off the mainland, and is paradise personified. Think: turquoise waters, sugar-sand beaches and emerald palms.

The diving is amazing in this part of the world, but you can also easily jump over to the mainland for a true-blue safari or to scale the slopes of Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 4: Become a gym bunny ghost

We’ve all done it. Signed up for the gym a la Chandler and gone once, but if you really aren’t going to make use of that membership, cutting this cost can save you a lot of cash. With average memberships costing $95 a month, that’s $1148 you’re waving goodbye to per year.

Destination: Amman, Jordan
Price of return flights to Jordan: $1125

Getting rid of your unused gym membership can mean strolling in amongst the storied ruins of Petra, Jordan. This ancient city is one of the wonders of the world, and a major bucket list destination.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 5: Ditch the bottled water

Not to get on our soapbox, but ditching bottled water will be life changing for two reasons. The first is that single-use plastic is horrendous for the environment. The second is that you can spend around $2.75 one to two times a week on this eco-hazard, which roughly comes to $286 per year… on water! There’s no upside. Buy a multi-use bottle or filter and use the extra savings for a holiday instead.

Destination: Queenstown, New Zealand
Price of return flights to New Zealand: $277

There were actually a ton of destinations that came in under the $286 price tag – such as the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore, but adrenalin junkies and nature enthusiasts will love Queenstown. Ski and snowboard in the winter, hike in the summer, and pump up your adrenalin with activities like bungee jumping in this singular destination.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 6: Dine in, not out

Okay, okay, we know, we’ve just kiboshed your food delivery dreams, and you’ve probably been given this lecture by your granny already, but dining in really will save you a ton of money. Spending just $20.52 per week (that’s not even an extravagant meal, that’s like a McDonald’s) comes to $1058 per year.

Destination: London, United Kingdom
Price of return flights to the UK: $934

Spending less on dining out can mean winging your way to London town! See Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London, and Shakespeare’s Globe in this fantastic city. Then indulge your inner gourmand, and try the food of famed spots like the Brick Lane Food Hall, Shoreditch Box Park and Borough Market.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 7: Lose the booze

Still with us? We’re not so much talking about the bottle of vino you pop in your weekly shop, more the after work or weekend pub visits, which can amount to (on average) $24.00 per week and $1248 a year.

Destination: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Price of return flights to Croatia: $1220

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Much of the beautiful scenery (King’s Landing especially) was filmed in Dubrovnik. Perched on the coastline of the iridescent Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and touring its Old Town, museums, and galleries is a sheer joy. And, as an added bonus, there are some damn fine wines produced here, perfect for toasting your months of saving.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 8: Do it yourself

Sometimes you just want to outsource your life admin. But from removalists to cleaners, gardeners, handiwork, and yes, food delivery, not doing it yourself is becoming really expensive. How expensive? Roughly $30 per week if you’re only looking at one paid-for task, which, over a year rings up to the tune of $1560.

Destination: Lima, Peru
Price of return flights to Peru: $1191

By just cleaning your own house and lugging your own furniture, you can save enough to fly to Peru. There’s an added bonus: with all this do it yourself action, you’ll be fit enough to make the hike to the magical and inspiring Machu Picchu.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 9: Go public

When ride sharing became huge, it was the answer to seemingly all of our transport problems. However, with an average spend cost of $13.90 per ride, and up to $50 per week, you could be spending around $2600 per year on getting to places that aren’t Tokyo. Use public transport and save yourself some dough.

Destination: Tokyo, Japan
Price of return flights to Japan: $255

If you’re saving $2600 a year, that’s not just flights, that’s an all expenses paid holiday, with more than enough leftover cash for accommodation. Explore the historic Senso-Ji temple, shop in the Ginza district, scale Tokyo tower, tour the gardens of the Imperial Palace, and take a day-trip down to Mount Fuji. Experience the quirky, delightful personality of Japan with this budget-busting hack.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 10: Consider going cold turkey

We all know smoking is bad for your health, but it’s also pretty bad for your bank balance. found that smokers spend an average of $430 per month on their habit, and – hold onto your hats – that comes to $5237 for the year. Cutting the habit can mean a healthier life and the funds for a bucket list destination. There’s no downside to quitting.

Destination: Malé, Maldives
Price of return flights to Maldives: $551

Is there a better way to celebrate quitting a bad habit than following it up with a trip to one of the world’s most beautiful places? Probably not. Book flights to the Maldives and experience paradise first hand. Spend your days snorkelling and sunbathing, and spend your leftover money on a stay in those incredible water bungalows.

How to save money for a holiday – hack 11: Cut the cosmetics

Okay, you don’t have to cut all of them. No one wants to rub lanolin on their skin, but reducing the amount of cosmetics and beauty treatments you splurge on can really help increase your savings. It’s estimated that we spend around $300 per month on beauty products and treatments, translating to $3600 per year.

Destination: Athens, Greece
Price of return flights to Greece: $696

For $3600 you can pretty much fly anywhere in the world, but we think you should start in the glorious capital of Greece, Athens. This ancient city is home to the age-old Acropolis where the Parthenon holds dominion. What’s more, if you can blend a city break with a beach holiday and spend your leftover holiday money island-hopping to islands like Mykonos and Santorini. The only beauty product you’ll need here is some sunscreen!

How to save money for a holiday – hack 12: Slow down on the fast fashion

The fast fashion industry is another contributor to our saving woes. What’s more, is that so much of what we buy is out of season within a few months. Buying good quality and far less items can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. It is estimated on average we spend $150 per month on clothes, coming to a tidy sum of $1800 per year.

Destination: Los Angeles, USA
Price of return flights to the USA: $871

Getting out of your fast fashion habit is ideal for a destination like LA, where the dress code during the day trends towards sandals, shorts and a t-shirt. This is because the weather is always gorgeous in LA, and you can find a ton of fantastic things to do here, and you’ll have plenty of leftover cash to spend on attractions. From dining in Santa Monica, sunbathing on the sands of Malibu, thrill seeking in Universal Studios and Disneyland, or getting star struck on Hollywood Boulevard you will be glad you swapped new duds for new digs.

We can help you find cheap flights, hotels and car hire deals with your holiday savings. Use our search tools today!


All information is correct as of July 2019. All information taken from the official Melbourne Airport website.