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Car Hire from Invercargill Airport

Car Hire at Invercargill Airport

This information is correct as of June 2015.

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Where to hire a car at Invercargill Airport

The Invercargill Airport offers car rental services from within the airport through various car rental companies that have their offices in the facility. These include Avis New Zealand, Budget, Hertz, Rent-a-Dent, Thrifty, Europcar, Riverside Rentals, and Executive Car Services. These companies offer their services at the main passenger terminal of the airport, with access to the rental car parking zones. Various types of cars are offered by each company, ranging from older car models, limousines, family vans and vehicles, simple five-passenger cars, and many others. Travellers have the option to book through the airport, but it will be more convenient to book in advance through the companies' respective websites and phone numbers, which can be found here. Keep in mind though, that some of the car hire companies operate from 8:00 in the morning until around 5:00 in the afternoon on weekdays and only 10:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the afternoon on Saturdays, while others serve passengers through the week from airport opening time to airport closing time. Depending on the traveller's preference, he or she may want to book earlier than his or her arrival time, so that the cars can be prepared in advance. Moreover, the said pre-booking provides travellers the leeway to cancel any bookings or change the bookings, choose the payment method he or she wishes to use, and even choose the pick-up and drop-off point he or she prefers.

All bookings are subject to the rules and regulations of the car hire company, and travellers are expected to prepare the necessary documents to be presented. At any given day or time when riding a hired vehicle too, travellers are supposed to follow the rules and the regulations as set by the company, and are expected to follow traffic laws in the locality. Any obstructions, whether on the car or while driving the car, are subject to penalties and sanctions, depending on the company and the country's laws and rules.

What to expect when hiring a car from Invercargill Airport

When hiring cars from the airport, it is easy to navigate to the nearest roads, since the facility is directly connected to them. The main roads that connect the airport to the next city or municipality include Stead Street, Curran Road, and the main State Highway 1. Traffic situations on these roads around the airport are fairly light, sans some sections that are clogged with motorists or are experiencing heavy traffic situations. The sectional heavy traffic though, can only be experienced at certain times – and is not prevalent all day. Road conditions are okay as well, and it is quite easy to navigate the surrounding area due to the fact that roads are well-identified, labelled, and pretty much not crowded. There are several roundabouts ahead, so make sure to exit at the right areas so as to get to the correct side of the road wherever the traveller is heading. Finally, driving is on the left side of the road, and almost all roads here are toll-free.

Driving around Invercargill Airport

The Invercargill Airport is connected to the city of Invercargill, which is the nearest urban area from the facility. Travellers may reach the city by driving and heading north-east on Airport Avenue to ultimately reach Stread Street, Tweed Street (after two roundabouts), and Conon City (1st exit at the third roundabout) to reach the city. Upon arrival to central Invercargill, travellers will be welcomed to a rather quiet town, complete with establishments such as restaurants, banks, small bed and breakfast buildings, a few retail shops, and others. Shoulder parking is allowed on certain streets here, with the parking spaces marked by white paint and parking fee payment slots. Meanwhile, most, if not all, of commercial establishments have their own parking spaces. Several petrol stations along Elles Road, Woodlands-Invercargill/State Highway 1, and Winton-Lorneville Highway/State Highway 6 can also be accessed, should the travellers need to fuel up.

Getting to your destination

Located just 30 minutes from the Invercargill Airport, Bluff is the country's southernmost town, a large fishing village that is home to crayfish, blue cod, and the world-famous Bluff oyster. Indulge in the yummy seafood treats here! (this is not a bluff!)

From the airport, head north-east through the Airport Avenue towards the Stead Street then on to Tweed Street, towards the State Highway 1, until you reach the Bluff area.

The first stop from the airport, travellers may immerse on the city's Victorian and Edwardian vibe, as seen on its architecture, heritage buildings, and rich 'royal' character.

Invercargill is just a five minute drive from the airport through Tweed Street and Conton Street.

Vibrant for such a small municipality (only 9,500 inhabitants!), Gore offers a slice of the local art scene – which can be seen and experienced through its major events (Hokonui Fashion Awards and the Gold Guitars).

Gore can be reached by taking the State Highway 1 from the airport, and continuing to the junction of State Highway 1 and State Highway 94.

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