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Newcastle (NTL)

The lovely coastal city of Newcastle reaps all the benefits of a seaside location, as well as the temperate weather of New South Wales, with a distinct lack of overcrowding. However, don’t mistake this town as being sleepy, as one of the country’s oldest cities its culture has been allowed to grow and mature, and now Newcastle boasts all the trendy staples that visitors adore: fine dining, a happening night life, and an individual shopping scene. Added to that, you have beaches that are perfect for tanning and surfing, lots of historical architecture, and a good deal of charm.

Where should you stay in Newcastle?

City Centre

The centre of Newcastle has lovely old neighbourhoods you can stay in, such as The Hill, The Junction, and Cooks Hill, all of which have lots of boutiques, restaurants and cafes to spend your days in, and plenty of hotel options in which to spend your evenings.

You’re also close to the lovely King Edward Park and the Newcastle Museum, where there is a wonderful permanent exhibition called the ‘The Newcastle Story’, which teaches visitors about the indigenous people, and the colonists that eventually settled the city.  

Bar Beach and Merewether

Bar Beach and Merewether are easily the most high-end parts of the city to stay in because of the instant access guests have to Newcastle’s lovely coastal beaches. You will find that all the hotels here will have a slightly higher price tag in comparison to the rest of the city, but with great sea views, luxurious hotels, and lots of hip cafes lining the shoreline, staying here is a treat.

If you choose to pick a hotel that is a little further inland, you’ll learn that access to great shopping and the sites of the CBD is stone’s throw away.  

The Harbour

One of the more popular places in the city to stay is along Honeysuckle Drive, which sits up against the harbour. This once rundown port neighbourhood has seen a recent revitalisation and now visitors can expect modern hotels, as well as bars and restaurants.

However, this neighbourhood doesn’t have quite the pretty feel that the other two main areas do, so be prepared for a little edge.  

Transportation in Newcastle

The main areas of Newcastle city are pretty accessible, but if you want to go further out most people opt for a car. The public transportation in the city is okay, but not world-class. If you do decide to stick to public transport than it’s worth getting an Opal smart travel card, which you can top up and reuse.