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Car Hire from Zurich Airport

Car Hire at Zurich Airport

Whether you are a seasoned driver going on your centennial drive or a newbie going on your first adventure, hiring a car is a viable option as to how to explore the beautiful country of Switzerland. Alight at the airport and go through customs, then jump in to the driver's seat for some of the best sights and scenes that will unfold on the drive.

Where to Hire a Car at Zurich Airport

Upon arrival at Zurich Airport, there are several car rental companies can be accessed through the Airport Centre facility. These include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Flughafen Zurich, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Enterprise rent-a-car, Europcar, Hertz, National and Sixt.

These companies offer various types of cars, from vans, SUVs, minibuses, or even cabriolets and limousines, depending on the preference and the needs of the traveller. Travellers may book through the airport's Airport Car Hire Centre desks, through the respective company websites, or through their phone numbers as stated here. Most, if not all, companies allow drop-off and return of the rental cars within the nearby city centres, although others prefer to return their rental cars on the airport, especially if it is the same airport that they'd be using upon departure from Switzerland or from Zurich.

If returning the rental car through the Zurich Airport, just follow the “Rental Car Return, P3” signs when approaching the airport. On another note, the Zurich Airport also has channels to access other car hire companies that do not have desks/offices on the facility.

What to Expect When Hiring a Car from Zurich Airport

The Zurich Airport is connected to various main roads, including the A51, A1L, Butzenbuelring, Irchelstrasse, and others. To some extent, the airport is also connected to the A17 and the A4. Driving around Zurich is fairly easy, with wide roads and relatively plenty two-way passages. Sometimes, travellers will be required to purchase permits, including air cleanliness permits, while at certain points, they will be required to pay tolls.

Travellers may avoid these fees by taking longer cuts and travelling through the lesser known roads, so if this is not the first time that a traveller is driving around Zurich, it is very much suggested to use these roads to skip fees and any payments. This option though, is not suggested to first-time travellers who lack experience and knowledge on the local roads in Zurich.

Travellers are still expected to exercise precaution when driving, and are advised to exercise patience especially if the roads get busy, which is rarely the case. Moreover, travellers are also advised to have a GPS-capable device/s, such as tablets and smart phones, and be updated with the latest traffic news and others.

Driving from Zurich Airport

The nearest major city centre from the Zurich Airport is Zurich, which is located some 12 kilometres from the facility. It can be reached by taking Butzenbuelring to A51, and by continuing from the A51 towards A1L and Tiefenhofe. Being an important district and centre, it is to be expected that Zurich's roads are busy, however, since public transportation here is pretty much nifty and accessible, the roads only have light to moderate traffic situations all throughout the day.

Further, upon arrival to Zurich, at least eight parking lots can be accessed so that travellers may safely leave their cars and explore the area. Another nearby city is Winterthur, which is located some 25 kilometres from the airport. Like Zurich, Winterthur can be reached by taking Butzenbuelring towards A51, but this time from A51, travellers should take A1, A4, E41, and 360 towards the Zurcherstrasse/Route 1 road in Winterthur, and driving towards Palmstrasse.

There are only two main parking lots in Winterthur, but compared to Zurich, it is less busy – so parking will not be a pain. Should a traveller require refilling when travelling to Winterthur, there are at least two petrol stations along the E60/E41 towards the city.

Places to Visit by Car from Zurich Airport

The following are some possible destinations to explore when hiring a car from Zurich Airport:

A regional transport hub home to some of the busiest railway stations in Switzerland, Winterthur is the perfect destination for travellers looking to cross over to Germany and Italy, or simply looking for a refreshing escape near the northern border of the country.

Winterthur is reachable via the A1 and A4 roads that are connected to the Zurich Airport. The said route has tolls, so if looking for alternatives, the shorter Route 1 can also be used from the airport to the said city.

One of the most important districts in Switzerland, Zurich is the country's city of culture, where the past meets the present and culture marries art forms.

Zurich can be reached through Road A1L directly from the airport. Upon arrival to central Zurich, several parking spaces can be found, along with hotels and restaurants to care of the travellers' needs.

Known as the capital of the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland, Frauenfeld presents itself as a lax and simple city where travellers may unwind.

Reach Frauenfeld by taking the Butzenbuelring to A51 through the airport, and taking A1/E60 to Weststrasse in Thrugau. From there, take exit 3-Frauenfeld-West from A7, then drive to Promenadenstrasse to reach Frauenfeld.

This information is correct as of June 2018

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