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Car Hire from Munich Airport

Car Hire at Munich Airport

This information is correct as of June 2015. All data are retrieved on June 2015.

Driving cars will give travellers the advantage to explore more areas that are not reachable by public transport, especially in a city as vibrant as Munich. Apart from skipping the long lines of travellers waiting for the next shuttle, or being gutted by high fares on taxis that litter the cityscape, travellers may just step off the plane, go through the customs and immigration processes, and jump straight in to the driver's seat and whisk themselves away to the vacation that they truly deserve. Whether they are after the cultural city of Nuremberg, or to the university town of Augsburg, driving a car is the fastest and most convenient way of seeing what the region and the country has to offer.

Where to hire a car at Munich Airport

Upon arriving to Munich via the Munich Airport, travellers will find at least eight contractors or rental car companies that may provide services depending on their preferences and price range. These companies include Avis, which also operates as Budget, Enterprise Rent-a-Car service, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, Buchbinder, and Thrifty. All car rental transactions happen in the Car Rental Centre/Central Area of the Munich Airport, near Concourse C of Terminal 1. Car pick-up, transfer of papers and keys happen on the Central Area; while the car rental return is facilitated opposite to parking area P26 and north of P9. Travellers will be asked to present necessary documents and proof of payment before the release of the vehicle, so make sure to prepare these. Further, travellers (or at least the would-be driver) should also prepare his or her driver's license.

What to expect when hiring a car from Munich Airport

The Munich Airport is connected to various main roads, including the A9, A92 Munich-Deggendorf autobahn, and A99, and to some extent A8 (going to Stuttgart and Salzburg), A96 (Lindau) A95 (Garmisch Partenkrichen), and A94 (Passau). Several smaller roads, including the B11, B13, B388, and B471 can also be accessed from the airport. Driving around Munich would sometimes require travellers to purchase permits, including air cleanliness permits, toll fees, and others. Some travellers avoid this by taking longer cuts and travelling through the lesser known roads, so if this is not the first time that a traveller is driving around Munich, it is very much suggested to use these roads to skip fees and any payments. Drivers in the locality are generally polite considering the traffic situation in the centre during peak hours, however, it is just right to exercise patience and prudence so as not to cause any unnecessary problems and rifts on the road. While there are plenty of parking garages within the nearest centres, parking can still be a pain, primarily because of the amount of cars that travel in and around cities such as Munich. To ease this, several local government units, in this case Munich, has established so-called “blue zones,” where drivers may park their vehicle in the event that there are no available regular parking spaces. “Blue Zones” are areas demarcated by blue lines, where parking costs 0.50 euros per 12 minutes or part thereof on business days, between 8:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. Parking outside of the centres are easier though, since the volume of cars are lighter – as is with other cities in Germany.

Driving around Munich Airport

The nearest city centre to Munich Airport is Munich, which is located some 38 kilometres from the airport. The city of Munich can be reached by driving from the airport through the St2584 and the A92 towards Freising, and then to the A9 towards Schenkendorfstrabe/B2R in Munchen. Upon entering the city, travellers will be welcomed to a beautiful and bustling metro that is significant to Germany's past, present, and future. Traffic situations from the airport to Munich is relatively light (going to moderate), depending on the time. Parking spaces are plenty, but due to the heavy volume of cars, finding a space can be hard. Apart from Munich, travellers may also reach the municipalities of Marzling and Freising from the airport in less than 15 minutes, through the E53, B11, B11a, or the A92.

Getting to your destination

Still don't know the best destination from the Munich Airport? We've compiled a list here for you!

A university town just a few minutes away from the Munich Airport, Augsburg is one of the best stop-overs upon arrival to Germany.

From the Munich International Airport, Augsburg can be reached by taking the St2584 to A92 in Freising, and through the A92 and the B2 towards Leonhardsberg. Light to moderate traffic should be expected when driving towards the city.

Served mainly by the Munich Airport, the city of Munich is a world-class city of heritage, culture, and German tradition.

Reach Munich by driving through St2584 to A92 in Freising, then continue from A92 to the A9. From the A9, continue on to B2R, then drive to Tal to reach the Munich central business district. From Muncih, travellers may reach numerous areas, including Haar, Vaterstetten, Zorneding (through the B304), Aschleim (through B471), and many others. The journey should only cover 31 minutes and 38 kilometres, although prepare to pay for several fees.

One of the many attractions in Bavaria, Nuremberg is known for its museums and its culture that is very much in touch with the Middle Ages.

From the Munich International Airport, Nuremburg is about 160 kilometres away, through the main St2584, A92, A9, and Adlerstrabe. Traffic is relatively between light and moderate throughout the journey, so there shouldn't be problems on that regard. Upon arrival to Nuremberg, eight parking spaces will welcome travellers, so it will be easier to embark on the journey of exploring the place.

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