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Read our guide on parking at Melbourne Airport

Times are tough for travellers. But with the world preparing to reopen in 2021, we're here to keep you dreaming and planning for your next adventure - whether that's a staycation or flying off to parts unknown. Until then, we've got the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates to keep you up to date and ready to go.

If you’re booking flights from Melbourne and are hoping to make use of the Melbourne Airport parking lots, we can help you make sense of what your options are. Read our simple guide to help you discover the pros and cons of each Melbourne Airport parking lot, as well as the dos and don’ts.

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Fly with peace of mind by sorting out your Melbourne Airport parking details

What are the different types of Melbourne Airport parking?

There are lots of different Melbourne Airport parking options that suit a number of needs and pricing*. Since lockdowns began in Victoria, the airport has simplified its parking from five to three options:

  • Value parking
  • Terminal parking
  • Premium parking

All bookings are flexible, meaning you can cancel up to an hour before your parking was booked to begin. All payment at the airport is contactless and ticketless.

These replace the old options of:

  • Budget parking
  • Convenient parking
  • Valet parking
  • Premium parking
  • Long term parking

*All costs are approximate and subject to change. These rates were taken based on advanced online booking, with estimations taken in June 2021. For the day rate, we chose a working day over a 24-hour period, and for the week rate, we chose a full 7-day week period covering the weekend. For standard drive-up rates, please go to the airport rates page.

Value Melbourne Airport parking

Value parking at Melbourne Airport involves parking farther away from the terminals. These lots do provide complimentary shuttle services that run routes to and from the terminals 24/7.

How much does value parking normally cost?

Flat daily rate: $12
Weekly rate: $72

What are the pros?

  • Affordable – this is by far the cheapest Melbourne Airport parking available.
  • A free shuttle service connects you to the terminals. This runs from 4am to 1am and comes every 15 minutes (concierge service available at other times).
  • Disabled access (in car park and in shuttler service)
  • Safe and secure parking for your car
  • Prices are down from $24 pre-lockdown

What are the cons?

  • Outdoor parking – unfortunately there are no undercover options for this parking type.
  • Transfers are convenient, but certainly not as quick as the closer terminal parking lots.

Terminal Melbourne Airport parking

Terminal Melbourne Airport parking means that your assigned spot will be within the airport compound, and within easy walking distance to each of the four airport terminals.

How much does terminal parking cost?

Flat daily rate: $49
Weekly rate: $130

What are the pros?

  • Undercover parking options
  • Motorcycle bays
  • Disabled access
  • Cheaper than the premium Melbourne Airport parking options
  • Good terminal access – with 2-5 minutes walking time to check-in counters
  • Safe and secure parking for your car

What are the cons?

  • Whilst there is undercover parking, you are not guaranteed an undercover spot

Premium Melbourne Airport parking

Premium Melbourne Airport parking options are the most expensive at the airport, but they’re also the closest to the terminals and all these parking spots are undercover.

How much does it normally cost?

Flat daily rate: $79
Weekly rate: $236

What are the pros?

  • Undercover parking
  • Disabled access
  • Convenient
  • Direct terminal access – 1-2 minutes walking time to check-in counters
  • Safe and secure parking for your car

What are the cons?

  • More expensive – if you are planning to be away for a while, we recommend you check the long term parking pros and cons.

What if I arrive too early or overstay at the Melbourne Airport parking lots?

If you arrive or leave 1 hour outside of your booking period you will not incur any extra charges. However, if you enter or leave the car lot outside of this time limit you will be charged.  Even if you booked online to get the cheaper rates, extra time at the airport carpark will be charged at the drive-up rate.

For the first hour, this is $12, $15 or $25 depending on which type of booking you made.

For the first day, you’re looking at $12, $49 or $79.

The full list of drive-up pricing at the airport can be found here.

What do I else do I need to know about Melbourne Airport parking?

There are a few insider tips worth knowing before you book Melbourne airport parking, and these are:

  • The sooner you book, the cheaper your rates will be.
  • Booking online will also save you money.
  • You can cancel your booking by going to ‘Manage my booking’ on the Melbourne Airport website. Since COVID-19 began, you only need to give an hour’s notice.
  • If you need to change your booking, you can also go to ‘Manage my booking’ on the Melbourne Airport website.
  • For more information, please go to the Melbourne Airport parking terms and conditions listed on the official website.
Melbourne airport parking makes it easy to start your trip

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