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Car Hire in Ataq

Car Hire in Ataq

Finding car hire in Ataq, a city in Yemen, can be a challenge, however, there are reliable options in the nearby capital city of Sana'a. Alternatively, the city of Aden is eight hours southwest of Ataq and has an airport and several locations for car hire as well. In both cities, you'll have your choice of Hertz, Europcar, or Budget. However, these brands each have several locations in Sana'a while Aden only has one location for each provider. You'll be able to choose from a range of vehicle types including economy, compact, sports utility, and even luxury models.

Car Hire at Ataq Airports

The city is home to Ataq Airport (AXK), which sometimes receives commercial flights from Sana'a. There are also airports in the nearby cities of Seiyun and Al Mukalla. However, the closest airport with car hire for Ataq is Sana'a International Airport (SAH). If you hire a car for Ataq, a drive from the airport will take about six hours. Taking Airport Road south will take you to Al Mitraq St, which runs directly through the city centre. If you continue on that route, you can get to the other Europcar location by turning left on 60 Meters Road.

Driving in Ataq

Driving through Yemen to get to Ataq is an easy ride, but it helps to have a four-wheel drive vehicle. If you've never been there before, it would be wise to become familiar with the local traffic signs. Many signs don't have English writing, so preparation is key when navigating this region if you can't read Arabic. Driving within the city is relaxed, and the roads are usually free from congestion. Be aware that there are many unpaved roads in this area, which is another reason why most providers don't offer car rental in Ataq. A car rental for Ataq is still possible but an off-road vehicle may be the most appropriate.

Parking in Ataq

Be sure to check local regulations when choosing a place to park. Generally, it's best to find a spot during the day as some of the lots are full of local cars in the evenings. There won't be any parking garages for your hire car in Ataq, so definitely make personal parking arrangements. The easiest way to do this is to arrange parking with your hotel. They can offer a space, or in some cases, they may provide a valet service and off-site parking.

Where to Go and What to See in Ataq

For an interesting day trip, try visiting the Cisterns of Tawila in Aden, which is an eight-hour drive. Leave early, and you'll have time to visit the Sire Fortress and Cairo Castle. The National Museum of Yemen is another site to see if you're interested in the country's history. Overall, most visitors have family or business to tend to in the area, making it uncommon for some people have to rent a car for an Ataq trip. Still, being able to rent a car in Ataq will give you the freedom to explore parts of this vast land yourself.

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