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Car Hire in Anadyr

Car Hire in Anadyr

Anadyr is a port town in northern Russia. It is located at the mouth of the Anadyr River and experiences snow and freezing temperatures for a large portion of the year. The city has at times been used as a rest stop for aircraft flying across northern Europe. The quaint town offers a taste of the local culture through the Chukotka Okrug Museum, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and several historic monuments. If you plan to rent a car in Anadyr, consider the following suggestions.

Car Hire at Anadyr Airports

Those flying into Anadyr will arrive at Anadyr Ulgony Airport (DYR/UHMA). The airport is located on one side of the Anadyr River while the city is on the other. During the winter, you can hire a car to Anadyr that will traverse the river via an ice road. During the summer, boats are used to reach the city. During the spring and autumn, however, the only way to reach the city is by helicopter.

Driving in Anadyr

Extreme caution is to be used when you rent a car in Anadyr during the winter months. Ice roads, or roads made entirely of ice, cross not only solid ground but also the Anadyr River. These routes are used around the city, and this type of driving is a new experience for most travellers. To avoid potential hazards, it is advisable not to arrange standard car rental in Anadyr during the winter season and instead hire an experienced local driver.

Parking in Anadyr

Familiarise yourself with Russian street signs prior to hiring your car rental in Anadyr. Follow any guidance when considering where to park. Avoid parking on the grass or blocking entrance ways to buildings. Signs are in Cyrillic, so they are not easy to decipher if you don't speak the language. If you contract a local driver and hire a car in Anadyr, your guide will be familiar with local parking regulations.

Where to Go and What to See in Anadyr

The Chukotka Okrug Museum of Local Lore provides an accurate and thought-provoking history of the region and the local Chukchi culture. The descriptive signs appear only in the Russian language, but this is easily remedied with the use of translator applications on your tablet or smartphone. At certain times, admission to the museum is free of charge. After you finish exploring the museum, take your car hire in Anadyr to visit an area and sample some local cuisine in one of the restaurants.

Anadyr is host to several historical monuments of interest. The Monument of Saint Nicolas faces the river and welcomes travellers with wide-open arms. The monument to the writer Yuri Rytkheu honours a famous Russian and can be viewed in the city park. The Monument to Fighters for Freedom remembers a group of revolutionaries who are buried beneath the monument.

With your car hire in Anadyr, you can visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral and experience traditional Russian religious iconography. The cathedral displays a classical style rich in paintings and decoration.

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