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World’s top 10 worst souvenirs

Forget souvenir shopping for friends. A Florence fridge magnet is just a nasty reminder that you've been away and they haven't.

Save yourself the time and money and forget souvenir shopping for friends and family while on holiday. Those knick-knacks that seem so perfect in the shop window will just gather dust and jealousy as a reminder that you’ve been away and they haven’t. If you can’t help yourself however, Skyscanner Australia has 10 suggestions for the souvenirs to avoid.

1. Stuffed cane toad

A peculiarly North Queensland souvenir honouring the march of the cane toad through Australia’s Sunshine State, it may make you laugh, but will be in the dustbin of its recipient before you’ve walked out the door. As a general rule, no stuffed animals or parts – think elephant foot umbrella stand – is ever a good souvenir.

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cane toad

2. Snow globes

If you manage to get these home without shattering them in your suitcase, then the joy of snowflakes falling on the Statue of Liberty will last as long as the fake flakes take to settle.

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Snow globes in a souvenir shop

3. Tacky T-shirts

You know the kind that says: ‘My grandfather went to London and all I got was this t-shirt’. Well, I’ve got news for you dear grandad, next time don’t bother.

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Souvenir T-shirt

4. Seashells

There seems to be a growing trade in engraved sea shells as gifts from an island holiday. If I want sea shells I’ll pick them up at the beach myself thanks.

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sea shells by the sea shore

5. Hat’s off

A sombrero might be useful in the hot Mexican sun, but like most colourful indigenous clothing, and Bali’s best is included here, it is called indigenous because it looks good in the local environment, not on the streets of Adelaide.

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Mexican sombreros

6. Souvenir spoons

There is a growing retro move toward souvenir teaspoons in trendy Sydney cafes, but really think twice before lugging that hand-carved serving spoon 3000km home.

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Souvenir spoons

7. Miniature anything

What is the point of a miniature France‘s Eiffel Tower or London‘s Big Ben – to rub it in that you’ve been there and I haven’t? If I want to see some the world’s architectural wonders, I’ll buy a flight through Skyscanner Australia and see it myself.

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Eiffel Tower gifts

8. Local drinks

Ouzo in Athens, grappa in Rome or pastis in Provence all taste great in situ, but throw in a flight home and suddenly you wonder what the fuss was all about. The same can be said of many local delicacies. Best experienced in their place of origin.

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A Greek toast with ouzo

9. Religious artefacts

Just what do you expect me to do with a Nepalese prayer wheel, smiling Thai Buddha or an Arabic keffiyeh back home. Dust gatherers all.

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Nepalese prayer wheel

10. Obvious duty free purchases

It is better to be ignored than handed a giant Toblerone bar or other obvious duty free purchase that rams it home that they were gone and you were just forgotten.

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Airport signage

Got your own list of the world’s worst souvenirs? Share them with us below! Souvenirs aside, some of the countries where these are from are actually very beautiful. Check out cheap flights here on Skyscanner or download our Skyscanner mobile app today.