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6 weekend-worthy places to go hiking in Sydney

Set out for the day and explore the fantastic hikes in and around Sydney.

The busy streets of Sydney city are exciting, but if you’re feeling a little trapped by urban living there are ways to jump back into nature, and thankfully, they’re close at hand.

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Where can I go hiking in Sydney?

With glorious coastline both north and south of Sydney, and the national parks cradling the city limits there are countless kilometres of hikes near Sydney that you can take advantage of. We’ve divided our suggested hikes into different lengths and difficulty, so you can find a trek that suits your party or your mood.

Easy hikes in Sydney

For our easy hikes we’ve gone for a couple of coastal beauties, one short, one long. Both are fairly flat and the terrain isn’t too difficult. You’ll need decent walking shoes, but you can leave behind the hiking boots for these walks.

Bondi to Coogee Walk

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney

You cannot embark on a walking tour in and around Sydney without ticking the Bondi to Coogee trail off your list first. This walk is pure Sydney, starting at it’s most famous beach, Bondi, and strolling along the track all the way to Coogee. You’ll take in some gorgeous beaches, such as Tamarama and Bronte beaches along the way. Best of all, restaurants and bars litter this coastline, so if you want to stop and enjoy the view, there are plenty of places to duck into.

Bondi Beach

Distance: 6km
How long does this hike typically take?: 2-3 hours
Distance from city centre: 20 minutes (9km)

Bouddi Coastal Walk

Location: Bouddi National Park

The Bouddie coastal walk is perfect if you just want to spend the day in nature. The walk is one of the most beloved on Australia’s central coast, as it boasts sweeping views of the sea and beaches on one side, and rainforest on the other. Plus, there are easy-to-amble-on boardwalks, and picnic spots galore. The hike itself is pretty easy, but if you do the whole thing, it is around 9km one-way. Of course, there are a host of campsites and accommodation along the Bouddi National Park if you want to spend more than just a day here.

Distance: 8.5km
How long does this hike typically take?: 3-4 hours
Distance from city centre: 2 hours (97km)

Moderate hikes in Sydney

For our moderate hikes we’ve set our eye on the Blue Mountains National Park. These treks are ideal for day trips from Sydney, or to add to your itinerary if you’re staying in the area for a few days. You will need hiking boots for these trails, and there are more challenging sections along both trails.

Blue Mountains, an incredible place to go hiking in Sydney

Hanging Rock Track

Location: Blue Mountains National Park

This track is a popular hike near Sydney because of the iconic landmark it takes its name from. The Hanging Rock in question leaps out from the sandstone cliff, having split from the main body of rock it seems to be suspended in air. When you get up close, the arch frames the Grose Valley, and the view from Baltzer Lookout is pretty breathtaking. You can choose your own adventure on this hike, as there are easier tracks, but the one directly up to the lookout needs a decent amount of fitness.

Distance: 8km
How long does this hike typically take?: 3-4 hours
Distance from city centre: 1 hour 10 minutes (62km)

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Location: Blue Mountains National Park

If you’re spending a few days in the Blue Mountains, you should also make time for the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. This trek rewards hikers with some of the most celebrated views in the Blue Mountains National Park. Amble past the Katoomba Falls and Katoomba Cascades, as well as the Olympian lookout, and of course, those famous Three Sisters.

Distance: 7km
How long does this hike typically take?: 3-4 hours
Distance from city centre: 1 hour 10 minutes (62km)

Challenging hikes in Sydney

For those who want a challenge when it comes to hiking in Sydney, we chose two very different options. The first is a short, but steep hike that will work up a sweat, but will offer in return superb views. The second is more about endurance, as it unfolds over 20km. Both will require hiking boots and good fitness levels.

New South Wales Beach

The Grand Canyon Loop

Location: Blue Mountains National Park

We know what you’re thinking, no, it’s not that Grand Canyon. This is a loop that takes you through the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains, which lay only a two hour drive from Sydney. The walk itself is historic, and people have been treading along it since 1907, and it’s easy to see why: expect to see waterfalls, creeks, and jaw-dropping views of the canyon from Evans Lookout. This is a fairly challenging walk, with some stomach fluttery semi-ledges, but you can get away with a good pair of walking shoes.

Distance: 6km
How long does this hike typically take?: 3-4 hours
Distance from city centre: 1 hour 10 minutes (62km)

Coast Track

Location: Royal National Park

The Coast Track, that runs between Bundeena to Otford is one of the best, and most challenging hikes in New South Wales. The terrain is mostly flat, but at 26km long, this is at least a full day’s hike, so good walking boots and plenty of supplies for the day are vital. If you do take on this hike, you’ll be treated to superb lookouts to sea, as well as the chance to explore secluded beaches, waterfalls, and pristine swimming coves.

Distance: 26km
How long does this hike typically take?: 1-2 days
Distance from city centre: 1 hour (36km)

Common questions about hiking in Sydney

Where is the best hiking in Sydney?

Hiking is a personal passion, so it’s a challenge to pull out one hike that stands above the rest. The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk is arguably the most famous hike in Sydney, and the views you’ll see from the coastline reveal how it got this iconic reputation.

Other worthwhile hikes include the Bouddi Coastal Walk, Hanging Rock Track, Prince Henry Cliff Walk and the Grand Canyon Loop.

When is the best time to visit Sydney if I want to hike?

The great thing about Sydney is that it’s a year-round destination for hikers, so long as you’re prepared. The warmest months are from November to May, which is also when you’re most likely to have bluebird sky days.

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