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Find cheap flights using the Whole Month search

If you know where you want to fly to, but you also have some flexibility on when you can travel during a particular month, then the Skyscanner Australia Whole Month Search can help you find you the cheapest flights for the month and save you heaps of money.

Ticket prices for airlines like Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and others can vary depending on what day of the week, or what time of the month it is. You can always find cheap flights on the Skyscanner Australia search engine, but if you want to save even more money then the Whole Month Search is the way to go.


Compare cheap flights to everywhere

On the Skyscanner Australia website enter the city you are flying from and the place you want to go, then click the Depart box. This will bring up a tab that includes a Whole Month search option. Click on this.

Image showing the Whole Month Search option

Then, choose the month you want to travel in. The month you chose will now appear in the Depart box. Next, click on the green Search Flights button.

Two calendars appear. The Depart calendar shows every day in the month that you chose. The Return calendar shows every day in that month too. You can change the Return calendar to a different month if you are coming back later.

To make things even easier for you the prices for each day are coloured green, orange or red. The green prices are the lowest prices in the month for travel. The orange prices show more expensive days, and the red prices show the most expensive days in the month.

Image showing two calendars

If you click on the blue Chart tab above the calendars you can see a handy chart which also shows you cheapest and most expensive days. You can tick the Stops option to show prices for direct flights only if you want to. Again, you can change the return month if you have plans to come back in a later month.

When you are happy you can click on the green Show Flights button and a list of flights and airlines appear. You can now go ahead and book the flight that most appeals to you.

Image showing the chart feature

Before clicking on the green Show Flights button though, you might want to check out another feature on the calendar page. Next to the month and year shown in the white Depart box and the white Return box is a downwards facing black triangle. Click on one of these and each month is displayed with the cheapest price for a flight in each month.

Another way to compare the cheapest flights in each month is to go back to the home page and start searching for flights all over again. This time click on the From box or To box and a larger box appears featuring a green Cheapest Month tab. Click on this and two calendars appear showing the cheapest days in the cheapest months to travel during the year. This is a handy tool if you are even more flexible with your dates.

Image showing two calendars that show the cheapest months to travel and the cheapest days in those months

Time to try Skyscanner Australia’s Whole Month view now and score cheap flights. We also offer great deals on hotels and car hire – and we don’t charge a booking fee for our service.

Compare cheap flights to everywhere